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An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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Should I Dip My Head When Hitting a Driver or Fairway Woods?

One of the hardest things to do for amateur golfers is to get power with a full swing while not dipping or dropping one’s head. For years, Tiger Woods fought the problem of dipping his head with his driver swing. If you can time it just right, it gives you amazing power but if you get caught at the top of your backswing it is going to cause you to miss a ton of fairways. So, should you dip your head when you come down with your driver swing?

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Funniest Golf Vine Videos Ever

I think most golfers can agree that Vine was made for golf. The looping of Vines make them perfect for a golf swing. Hopefully most golf swings are less than six (6) seconds which makes Vine the perfect video capturing tool to get those hilarious moments in golf. Below you will find some of the best and funniest golf Vines that have been uploaded. Enjoy!

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