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Golf Courses and Country Clubs that Received PPP Loans in NC

Below are the golf courses and country clubs that received PPP loan money in North Carolina:

Grandfather Golf and Country Club – $1-2 Million – 240 jobs retained

Mountain Top Golf & Lake Club – $1-2 Million – 135 jobs retained

Bald Head Island Club – $1-2 Million – 97 jobs retained

North Ridge Country Club – $1-2 Million – 180 jobs retained

The Peninsula Club – $1-2 Million – 160 jobs retained

The Country Club of North Carolina – $1-2 Million – 209 jobs retained

Trillium Links & Village – $350,000 – 1 million – 54 jobs retained

Champion Hills Club – $350,000 – 1 Million – 20 jobs retained

Timberlake Golf Club – $150,000-300,000 – 58 jobs retained

Ballantyne Country Club – $350,000 – 1 Million

Country Club of Greenville – $350,000 – 1 Million – 22 jobs retained

Lake Toxaway Country Club – $350,000 – 1 Million – 28 jobs retained

Northstone Country Club – $350,000 – 1 Million – 108 jobs retained

River Run Golf & Country Club – $350,000 – 1 Million – 97 jobs retained

Governors Club – $350,000 – 1 Million –

Ocean Ridge Plantation Golf – $350,000 – 1 Million

The Club at Balsam Mountain – $150,000-$350,000 – 40 jobs retained

Old Edwards Club – $150,000-$350,000 – 59 jobs retained

Beau Rivage Golf & Resort – $150,000-350,000 – 45 jobs retained

Bryan Park Golf – $150,000-350,000 – 55 jobs retained

Crow Creek Golf Group – $150,000-350,000 – 50 jobs retained

Innsbrook Golf & Marina – $150,000-350,000 – 31 jobs retained

Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation – $150,000-350,000 – 39 jobs retained

Talamore Golf and Travel – $150,000-350,000 – 8 jobs retained

The Pearl Golf CourseĀ  – $150,000-350,000 – 31 jobs retained

Bentwinds Golf & Country Club – $150,000-300,000 – 48 jobs retained

Morehead City Country Club – $150,000-350,000 – 25 jobs retained

Pinewood Country Club – $150,000-350,000 – 44 jobs retained

Walnut Creek Country Club – $150,000-350,000 – 47 jobs retained

Wilson Country Club – $150,000-350,000 – 42 jobs retained


TeeLess Driver – Does It Really Work?

Anyone watching the Golf Channel over the last few weeks has likely seen the Notah Begay commercial for the (T)less driver. So, what exactly is the “teeless” driver and does it work?

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Why Does the Ring Finger on My Right Hand Hurt from My Golf Swing?

If you are like many amateur golfers you are likely hitting the golf ball improperly. Almost everyone that plays golf at the amateur level is doing something wrong in their swing. That is why we have days we simply cannot “find our swing”. Unfortunately, unless you have an unlimited budget and all the time in the world, you are always going to have problems with your swing. These problems likely cause different parts of your body to hurt. The most common part of the body that hurts after playing golf is the hands and fingers.

You will need a proper backswing if you want to reduce pain in your hands, back or legs in the golf swing. Here is the proper backswing:

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Why is a 3 Iron or 4 Iron Hard to Hit for Amateur Golfers?

We have all been there. 195 yards into the green and ideally we would hit a 4 iron or 5 iron. We remember the last time we hit a 5 iron it went as far as our chip across the green back on #2. Instead of pulling a 4 iron or 5 iron we decide to hit a hybrid and hope it does not go too long. So, what is it that most amateurs cannot hit a 3 iron, 4 iron or 5 iron? If you struggle to hit long irons, golf instruction might be for you. I suggest contacting Patrick Kelley today.

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Should I Use a 60 Degree or 58 Degree Wedge?

Every single time I play a round of golf someone has to mention they have a 58 degree wedge vs a 60 degree wedge. Some golfers even make it a point to brag that they can hit a 62 degree or 64 degree wedge. Others will claim you should never use a lob or sand wedge anywhere but the sand. So, what is the best wedge to use and when should you use it? If you are looking to improve your game with the best Raleigh, NC golf instruction I would suggest going to Patrick Kelley. Even if you aren’t local to Raleigh, NC, Patrick Kelley is worth the trip to help you improve your game.

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What is a Thursday Night ABCD Stag Night?

If you are joining a country club, one of the challenges is meeting new people. While anyone can book a tee time and go out there and whack the white ball around, it can be difficult to find groups to play with. No matter what country club you go to, there are always people that seem to know everyone. How do they meet all these people? Well, many country clubs have a weekly ABCD “Stag Night”. This is a weekly “tournament” that allows golfers to meet fellow members of all skill sets.

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DJ/Rory vs Rickie and Matthew Wolff Live Blog

6:25 – Six skins up for grabs. $1.1 million. Just a little more than the carry overs you play on Friday or Saturday. It’s up to Rory here. Let’s see if he can get it inside Matthew Wolff. Rory gets inside of Matthew Wolff but not by a lot; that’s for sure. It was very nice to see live golf back. Next week is Tiger and Peyton vs Phil and Brady.

6:17 – Drop kicked it a little bit. Ahhh, we all know that type of shot. DJ rolls it right off the edge. Now they are going to play closest to the hole from 120 yards on hole #17. That should be fun and you have to give the advantage to Rickie on this type of shot.

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Should I Drop My Back Shoulder on my Driver Setup?

With the Phil and Brady vs Tiger and Peyton matchup quickly approaching, many golf fans will be watching Phil Mickelson try to “hit bombs”. Phil is one of many Tour Pros that sets up with his back shoulder much lower than his lead shoulder when hitting a driver. You can clearly see it in this video:

If Phil does it, should you as well? Is dropping your back shoulder a way to hit your driver better and further?

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Can You Move Tree Branches or Bushes to Hit the Golf Ball

We’ve all been there. You hit a wayward drive in which the ball comes to rest near a tree or bush. You have a stance if you can use your butt or backside to push the bush or tree branches back. We know we are still in the hole because we are getting a stroke and simply have to chip out to salvage a bogey, net par. Is it legal to move the branches on the bush or tree with your butt and push some branches back with your arm?

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What Does “Rolling It in the Fairway” Mean?

If you play country club golf with a group of guys you have heard, “we are rolling it in the fairway.” If you are new to country club golf or you haven’t played a lot of money game golf, you may be lost. It sounds like you can roll the ball into a better lie and then hit it on the approach shot, right? Well, this is not exactly the case. Here is what “rolling it in the fairway” means at your country club:

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