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Will Rory McIlroy Play TaylorMade Irons in 2017?

At the 2016 HSBC Championship in Shanghai, China Rory McIlroy played a TaylorMade M1 Driver. Now that Nike is done with equipment Rory will have to pick between TaylorMade, Titleist, PXG, Srixon or Mizuno irons. Most PGA Tour golfs have a contract in which they need a certain number of clubs in the back. With a name as big as Rory one would expect the equipment provider will want 12, 13 or all 14 clubs in the bag.

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Rory McIlory TaylorMade M1 Driver in 2017?

UPDATE: It has been confirmed this is an M2 driver that Rory is using this week.


Well, it looks like Rory is trying out the latest TaylorMade Driver, the M1, in Shanghai this week. There were a handful of videos from practice rounds of him hitting it. Some may think this is the M2 but it is actually the M1 driver. Let’s see if he sticks with it. We have heard Rory has picked up 6 mph of ball speed with the new TaylorMade driver.

A new driver in the bag 🚀 @rorymcilroy hammers a drive during today’s #HSBCChampions Pro-Am.

A video posted by European Tour (@europeantour) on

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Should I Use a 60 Degree or 58 Degree Wedge?

Every single time I play a round of golf someone has to mention they have a 58 degree wedge vs a 60 degree wedge. Some golfers even make it a point to brag that they can hit a 62 degree or 64 degree wedge. Others will claim you should never use a lob or sand wedge anywhere but the sand. So, what is the best wedge to use and when should you use it? Here is a great wedge for those helping to improve their game.

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How to Run a Member Member Tournament Calcutta

Over the last several years, my country club has not had a Calcutta for the Member Member or Fall Classic ye there was a huge Calcutta for the Member Guest. This year, I took it over myself as I want to up the ante when it comes to bragging rights at my country club. There were a few things I had to consider when setting up and running this years Calcutta.

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What Type of Greens Does North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh Have?

This is a question I am going to answer time and again as I now know the importance of greens. Every time someone asks me if I want to play at a private country club my first question is always, “what type of greens do they have?” Today, I played the North Ridge Oaks course and can confirm they have bentgrass greens. I was told one of the courses, the Oaks or the Lakes, will go to Champion Bermuda next year but I cannot remember which course is converting.

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Playing Golf in Houston, Texas on Champion Bermuda Greens

If you ever travel to Houston, Texas to tee it up on the golf course you are likely going to play a course that has Champion Bermuda greens. Most southern courses are going to Champion Bermuda because it is more durable during the hot and humid summer months. There is a very strong root structure and you will not find ball marks on greens.

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What are the Strongest Winds You Can Play Golf In?

There is a good chance that Hurricane Matthew is going to wash out my golf trip to Myrtle Beach this coming weekend. The area is expecting winds of 105 mph or higher. With this being the case, it made me think about the highest or strongest winds in which you can play golf.

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Should I Be Worried If I Am Not Hitting My New Irons Further?

When most amateurs buy new irons they are looking for one thing – distance. Very rarely do you hear an amateur say, “I got my new irons and I hit them about 10% shorter but they are straight as an arrow.” Nope, instead you hear, “I am hitting my 8 iron 15 yards further than I used to hit my old irons.” So, if you have purchased new irons and they aren’t going as far, should you be worried?

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Why Do I Skull or Blade All of My Wedges Out of the Bunker?

The dreaded bunker shot. We have all been standing in the fairway thinking, “I would rather be anywhere but in the sand.” We try to aim our shots to avoid the greenside bunkers and where does our ball land? In the bunker. Walking up to the bunker shot, we have a million things running through our head. Open of the blade. Keep your head down. Hit behind the ball. Make it thump. Don’t chunk it. Don’t blade it. Just get it out of the damn bunker!

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Jason Day Signs Deal to Wear Nike Hats, Golf Shirts and Shoes

Well, this one came out of left field. In mid September 2016 it was rumored that Jason Day was going to sign a deal to wear Nike apparel while playing on the PGA Tour. This is a very interesting development as Jason Day has been using Taylormade for much of his professional career. He has been wearing Adidas golf shirts, hats, shoes and other apparel since he started his rise up the World Golf Rankings.

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