I have no idea how I stumbled upon this video on Vine but I am glad that I did. You can tell this is Adam because of the tattoos on his arms.

After doing a little bit of research I found out that Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon Five and star of the NBC TV Show The Voice, was on one of the seasons of the Haney Project. This is the show where Hank Haney does his best to fix the swing of a celebrity. Other athletes and celebrities that have been on the Haney Project include Charles Barkley, Michael Phelps and Ray Romano.

In the YouTube video that was made prior to the Haney Project Season 4 with Adam Levine it was quite obvious that Adam was not a good golfer. He had a very short backswing and he was not hitting the ball crisp. You can see that in this video:

His lines were not terrible but he needed some help. In the above Vine video of Adam Levine’s current swing it is amazing to see the difference. Adam gets the club to the perfect “slot” at the top of his backswing in a controlled motion. The most impressive thing about Adam’s current swing is the ability to continue to turn his upper body and shoulders even when it is obvious that he never did before. When watching the Vine video you will see that Adam actually slows down as he approaches the top of his swing. This is the exact opposite for most amateur golfers.

Almost all amateur golfers have a very quick transition from the top of their golf swing to the downswing which makes them come over the top which is why the ball slices. Below is a video of Tim Tebow that shows what it means to have a quick transition and come back down to the ball over the top. This is going to cause a slice almost every single time.

I have no idea what Adam Levine’s handicap is but I can tell you he has a beautiful golf swing with the driver. If he can chip and putt he can definitely play in the 70s on most golf courses. Hopefully we learn more about Adam Levine’s golf game moving forward.