Ball Above My Feet in Bermuda Rough – What Do I Do?

The bermuda rough is starting to grow out at Hasentree and other courses in North and South Carolina. This means amateur golfers are going to be hitting more sideways shots. Today, I hit a tee show into the rough right above a bunker. In the winter, the ball would have fallen in the bunker but today it stuck in the bermuda rough around the bunker. Here is how you should attack the shot.

If the ball is stuck on the lip of the bunker well above your feet it is going to come off hard left for a right handed player. Aim further right the more the ball is above your feet. If it is chest or shoulder level you are going to have to aim 90 degrees right of where you want to hit the ball. The loft of the club is going to shoot it left.

If you are greenside and using a wedge you need to aim twice as far right as you normally would. When setting up to hit the ball choke all the way down to the metal. Your index finger on your right hand should be touching metal. You also have to strike down on the ball. If you try to lift the ball it will not come out of the bermuda rough.

I like to set up with the ball behind my belly button or closer to my back foot so I can be certain I will strike down on the ball.

This is not a shot you are trying to hole. Just get it on the green so you can two putt and get out of there. The more fancy you make the shot the higher your score could be. You may even consider taking an 8 or 9 iron and just punching onto the green. If you are comfortable with your wedge game you will find that a 52 , 56 or 60 degree wedge cuts right through the bermuda rough. That said, the loft is going to shoot it straight left.

This is something you need to learn how to do as there will be shots during the season in which the ball is well above your feet. Remember that any ball above your feet will naturally have a right to left shot shape. The higher it is above your feet the more the ball will draw or hook.

Have you had to hack out of the bermuda rough? What is your strategy?