When buying golf balls most amateur golfers are well aware they are going to lose these balls at a fast clip. If you are a double digit handicapper and it is difficult to get out of the tee box, you can go through a sleeve of balls on a front 9; especially when you are playing a course in which you are unfamiliar. Instead of throwing money down the drain by purchasing Pro V1s at the golf course or country club, it is better to buy golf balls in bulk. Here are a few options when it comes to the cheapest prices:

Knetgolf is, by far and away, the best place to get cheap golf balls. My good friend Mike has been loyal to Knetgolf for quite some time. When we first started, we went through balls like they were toilet paper. It was remarkable how many balls we could hit into the water or into the woods. At one point, it would frustrate us and we would go look for the balls in the woods for five or 10 minutes. That changed quickly our games improved and he purchased balls in bulk.

I will never forget Mike telling me he bought 20 dozens Nike golf balls. I shit you not, 20 dozen. He bought so many that the Knetgolf company headquarters had to call him to confirm the order. You will be glad to know that he has lost all 20 dozens in about two years of golf. Mike loves to push the ball right or snap hook off the tee. This allows him to go through balls quickly.

As your game progresses there is a good chance you will learn to spin the ball with your wedges. This is the most enjoyable part of golf to me. There is nothing better than hitting a 52 degree wedge 100 yards and watching it spin back 25 feet on the green. That is the magic of golf to me. Being able to spin the ball very well, I can tell you that Titleist Pro-V1 and Pro-V1xs are by far the best balls for a short game. They are also the best balls off the tee box. In fact, every single great golfer I have ever played with has stated that the Pro-V1 is the best golf ball that has ever been created.

The major issue with the Pro-V series is the cost. When buying a dozen Pro-V golf balls you are going to spend over $50 at a golf store, pro shop, Target, Walmart or retail establishment. Rather than paying so much money for balls you are going to lose it is better to go ahead and get some refurbished balls or buy in bulk. Unless you are a good single digit handicapper you are likely not going to notice the difference in the bulk balls and the balls you buy at your pro shop. If you plan to make the purchase at Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy or a golf retailer note you will be paying over $50 for a dozen Pro-V1 balls.

Golfball Monster, Golfball Planet and Lost Golf Balls are all options if you are looking for Pro-V1s or Pro-V1xs around $25 for mint golf balls. Remember to make certain your Titleist balls are not range balls as there are some country clubs that buy Pro-V1s  as driving range balls. These are probably what you are not looking for.