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2:39 – Rose misses his first putt inside of 5 feet all tournament. Keegan Bradley wins in the playoff. Justin Rose goes to #1 in the World Golf Rankings but is not happy to lose that way. He hit the lip on two straight putts to lose. The putt in the playoffs was a very poor putt though.

2:33 – Both golfers are just off the green and putting through the fringe. I would be shocked if they don’t both par the hole. If so, we would go back to 18 tee.

2:31 – This is a perfect example of why pros can score so low. If the stands aren’t there he would bogey at best. Likely a double bogey. Now, he will likely par the hole.

2:25 – We are going to play sudden death – 18, 18, 17, 18. A birdie on 18 will definitely win this. Rose hits his left and into the rough. It could get a decent lie because it was near the patrons. Keegan strips one down the middle. Advantage Bradley.

2:15 – The stage is set for Rose to win with a putt. He has been a pretty good putter lately so we will see what happens. Whew, it lips out and we will have a playoff. That could have easily gone down.

2:10 – Rose leaves his chip very shot. He will have about a 15 footer to win the tournament. It is unlikely that this putt goes down. We have a good chance at a playoff.

2:06 – Rose leaves his 4 iron well short of the green. He needed a 5 wood to get on the green. He has to get up and down for the win.

2:02 – Bradley pulls his putt left. It was never close. A very nervy putt there. He will be lucky to get into a playoff. He needs Rose to bogey 18.

2:00 – I can assure you Rose missed that drive. The heel cut goes nowhere. He will have 220+ into the green on 18.

1:59 – Bradley has a 7 footer for par to stay tied for the lead. Remember, 18 is not a birdie hole so if he hits this putt, he will likely be in a playoff with Justin Rose.

1:57 – Xander rolls one in to get to -19. That said, 18 is not a birdie hole so he will be one shot out of a potential playoff. If Rose rolls this one it, it could be the winner. There it is. I think that will be the winner. Rose goes to -21.

1:54 – Keegan is having all kinds of TV machinery moved before he hits his approach shot into 18. He has 201 yards in. He is looking to be playing a 4 iron or 5 iron. He hits it into the stands on the fly. He will get a drop from there. A bogey is likely from here.

1:50 – Rose hits one right over the flagstick on 17. A good chance at birdie here. A birdie, birdie finish would likely win.

1:47 – Keegan hits a hook 50 yards left of the fairway. He is very lucky there isn’t OB over there. He has a decent lie because that is where the patrons have been walking. Rose is one back on 17.

1:46 – Horschel has no chance and another chance for a PXG to win goes down the drain. None of the big names that have signed with PXG have won with their irons. The only winners were James Hahn and Pat Perez in second tier tournaments. Yes, Zach Johnson has fallen apart since he started playing with PXG.

1:45 – Keegan has three birdies in four holes. He is now at -21 and two shots up. Well, Rose has a chance to birdie on 16 which would bring him to within one of Bradley.

1:44 – It looks like a lot of guys are playing well heading into East Lake in two weeks. Remember, we have a week off tomorrow before East Lake and then the Ryder Cup after that.

1:40 – Rory hits another amazing iron. He will likely birdie here but too little, too late. Can you imagine if he could putt like Sneds or 2015 Jordan?

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1:36 – A quick interview with Tiger by Steve Sands. He was upbeat and relatively pleased with his game. He should play well at East Lake but it will take a great putting week for him to win.

1:33 – Looks like it’s a race for Horschel, Rose, Bradley and Xander.

1:27 – Tiger will finish with a 65 and everyone will say, “That was the best score in the final round!” Well, no shit, but it wasn’t under pressure. Every time he had to have a putt, he missed it. Stop being blind and thinking he can win a major. There is a big difference in putting with the lead or leading versus putting from two or three shots behind.

1:23 – Exactly Johnny Miller. 15 years ago Tiger would win these tournaments as all the other players would fade and wilt. Now, the PGA Tour pros are significantly better and Tiger has to beat 10 guys, not just one.

1:20 – 202 into #18 for Tiger. He hits a solid shot but is about 30 feet short. Hole #18 is playing very long today.

1:16 – Rory hits a 6 iron 189 uphill and leaves it well left. His putting woes have now worked their way into his irons. He has hit the ball better than anyone and has nothing to show for it. As the saying goes, “drive for show, putt for dough.”

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1:12 – Tiger hits wood off 18 tee box. He has hit 12/13 fairways. He hits another fairway so make that 13/14. Ball striking and driving is great. Learn to hit pressure putts and you can win big guy.

1:09 – Tiger has a 12 foot putt for birdie on 17. There is absolutely no pressure on this putt so it will probably go in. All the fans will say, “he almost won it!” He pulls that one slightly and will end up finishing a few back. Ball striking he is back, putting, not so much.

12:45 – Horschel rolls one in and ties for the lead at -19. The rain starts to come down hard now. This should be a fun finish.

12:43 – Rose too hits it long and it rolls off the back. Let’s see if Rory can hit it close. Rory is about 8 feet below the hole for a birdie putt.

12:41 – Xander’s caddie looks like he is about 15. He can make a push here if he gets a few birdies. He lands it pin high but it rolls off the back of the green. Very unfortunate.

12:38 – Tiger goes with driver on 16, a par 5. Honestly, it doesn’t matter but they will play it up as important. He hits it long and straight. He should be able to get there in two.

12:34 – Rose hits the birdie putt and goes -19. Tiger misses his. That’s the way it has been for the last five years. Every time he has a chance to put pressure on other players, he misses a putt that matters. That is why he won’t win a major championship in the near future.

12:30 – Tiger with 182 in. He has a 6 iron. Hits it great and has 7 feet for birdie. He needs four birdies in a row if he wants to win.

12:28 – Rory hit his driver 316. In the air. He has 131 in. Likely a pitching wedge here. He hits a very good one and has about 8 feet left for birdie. Rose is inside of 6 feet for birdie and the outright lead at -19.

12:23 – Tiger hits driver on 15. He, of course, hits the middle of the fairway. Rose, Bradley and Horschel at -18.

12:19 – Rory leaves it just short. His putting has been quite poor all day. If he could putt, he would win 5 tournaments a year. Now Tiger needs to run this one in. He leaves it right and takes a bogey. That should do it for his changes. He is now -16.

12:16 – Tiger hits a decent bunker shot on 14. He will need to make another 10 footer here.

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12:13- Rory hits a good shot in on 11 and has a chance for two birdies in a row and a tie for the outright lead. I still think he is the favorite to win this thing.

12:10 – Tiger hits his iron into the bunker and will have to get up and down to save par and remain one shot back.

12:04 – Tiger gets that one to fall and is now -17 and one back. He needs to get to -19 or -20 if he wants to win.

11:58 – Ok, Rory almost jars it on 10 so that will be his first birdie to go to -17 and one back. Tiger has 102 in here. He hits a sand wedge to pin high, spins it back and will have about 7 feet uphill for birdie. Remember when I said he needs to hit putts between 5 and 10 feet?

11:53 – Tiger is getting out of the tee box beautifully. This might be the best he has hit is driver and 3 wood since the comeback. Now he needs to start hitting putts between 5 and 10 feet. Oh yeah, Rory had nine straight pars on the front and didn’t miss a green. Statistically he did, but for all intents and purposes he was putting for birdie on every hole.

11:38 – Rory has 224 in. If he doesn’t reach, it’s impossible. He rips it into the stands and ends up just off the back of the green. He is just so much longer than anyone else in these conditions. It isn’t even comparable.

11:36 – Tiger hitting 3 wood off 12 tee box. Right down the middle. He is swinging well.

11:32 – If Tiger misses this putt he has no chance to win. He knocks it in and goes to -16 and within two shots. Needs another birdie in the next two holes.

11:29 – Let’s see if Rory can get to 9 in two. None of the leaders have gotten on the green.

11:25 – Tiger has 142 in here at 11. Uphill green. He hits a low spinner that almost goes in. He now has about 3 feet for birdie to go to -16.

11:22 – Horschel takes the lead at -18. That putting stroke should not be replicated. He would be one of the few to win playing with PXG irons.

11:20 – Tiger ends up in the fairway on 11. If he wants to scare the leaders, he needs a few birdies in the next several holes. There is a very good chance -19 or -20 will win.

11:17 – Rose, Bradley and Horschel are all at -17.

11:16 – Tiger cards his first bogey of the day and is now at -15. Two back of the leaders and needs to make a move quickly.

11:15 – And, Rose is short again at the par 3 8th. He has been short on every single shot but the sand wedge on #7. Rory is hitting a 7 iron. He will have the same putt as Tiger about 15 feet left of the hole. Advantage Rory on this hole.

11:13 – Keegan now with a share of the lead. That doesn’t bode well for Jordan getting into the Tour Championship. Tiger has a 15 footer for par after a chip that rolled well past.

11:09 – Tiger has 128 in from the bunker. Tiger skulls it and ends up just short and right of the green. Could be a tough up and down from there.

11:08 – Seven straight pars for Rory and he has burnt some edges. Eventually they have to drop, right?

11:02 – Rose has 112 in on 7. He is playing it 117. Let’s see if he can get the ball to the hole. He hits this one hole high and has a good chance at birdie here. Rory with 96 in although the graphic says 196. Another sawed off wedge. He pulls it back to the front of the green but is outside Rose.

11:01 – Tiger has made the turn and is hitting a driver on 10. He pushes it right and ends up in the bunker. That is lucky as being in the rough it brutal right now.

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10:56 – Tiger hits about an 80 foot putt 10 feet by and now he has a downhiller. Remember when I mentioned the putting on Donald Ross par 5s? He will be lucky to get out of here with a birdie after being right in front of the green in two. He hits a great putt and goes to -16 which is one back of the leaders. That was a very challenging putt.

10:53 – Rory goes right over the edge but remains at -16. He is killing his driver but just cannot hit a putt.

10:48 – Tiger rips a 3 wood that ends up on the front fringe of the green at 9. A two putt here will put him at -16 and within one of the lead. Hole #9 at Ironimick is very similar to hole #15 at Hope Valley. A straight away, uphill par 5 that is reachable if you hit a good drive. The green has a false front and the putting can be a challenge. Donald didn’t stray far from his comfort zone.

10:46 – Let’s see if Rose can get this one to the hole. He has been short with every iron. Again, Rose is short. Rory has 72 yards in. A sawed off sand wedge here. Rors has about 8 feet for his first birdie. He needs to get one here.

10:42 – Tiger on the tee at 9 with a driver. He hits is well as it lands and sticks. Embedded ball after that drive. It’s safe to say there was no roll on that one.

10:38 – Keegan has a JT PGA Championship moment. It sits on the edge for about 45 seconds and then drops. Welcome to Donald Ross style greens. Always miss it on the high side.

10:37 – The first mention of Donald Ross style domed greens as Tiger has about 6 feet for par. He gets that one to fall and remains at -15. Two behind Rose.

10:33 – Bones is so good as a walking announcer. He gives a great perspective. I think we all wish Feherty was still out there and not in the tower.

10:28 – Roger Maltbie is huffing and puffing already. Rose leaves another shot about 20 feet short. He has been short since they have come on air. Tiger at #8. He hits it to about 20 feet. One would think he will walk away with a par there. McIlroy hits it closer than Rose but not exactly an easy birdie putt.

10:28 – Watching Horschel putt is so frustrating. He is walking when it takes the putter back. No way he can win with this type of putting stroke.

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10:23 – Like many good players, Justin Thomas lifts his iron slightly off the ground before taking it back. We are seeing more and more of that lately. It is a great way to avoid any drag from the club on the ground.

10:19 – Rory hits pitching wedge from 142. Much closer than Rose on hole #4.

10:18 – Rose hits a 9 iron from 160 and leaves it 20 feet short. Not an easy birdie putt. Tiger has a 6 foot putt for birdie. He needs this one. And he misses it low. He seems to miss a lot of these types of putts.

10:14 – Tiger has 114 in here at 7. Likely hitting a sand wedge. He hits it within 8 feet. If he hits that putt he is within one of the lead. He is playing good so far.

10:10 – Aronimick is a signature Donald Ross course so I will give some commentary and comparisons to Hope Valley which is my home course and a 1926 Donald Ross course.

10:09 – Rory hits a good putt but leaves it a bit short. With less than 140 in, one would expect these guys to make a lot of birdies. None in the final group on hole #3.

10:07 – Tiger on the tee with a 3 wood on 7. He is going to try to hit a cut. He actually hits a slight draw and it’s really good. He will be lifting, cleaning and placing after that drive.

10:05 – Today is a day in which you don’t mind missing the green on the fringe as you can see Rory using the driver to get a one club length drop. This will allow him to get a better line to the hole and a straighter putt. That rule has to go.

10:04 – Rory is already outdriving Rose by 15-20 yards. This will be a huge advantage all day. The only way Rory does not win is if he putts terribly.

10:02 – It looks very wet out there. I would shoot 150 in these conditions.

10:01 – As the Golf Channel comes on air, we see Tiger has two early birdies. Rose bogeys one and then chips in for birdie on two. Tiger chips in for birdie to get two within the lead. The big guy is at -15.

10:00 – Here we go from Aronimick. How many times do you think I will misspell that today? I have Rory here as he always wins in wet conditions. I guess when you can fly it 300 yards in the air, it makes it easier to win when a course is soaked.