Brentwood Country Club (TN) Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues

UPDATE: The Assistant General Manager has contacted us and asked us to take down pricing.

While most people think of OJ Simpson and California when they think of Brentwood, there is another Brentwood that is known to the people that live in Nashville. Brentwood Country Club is one of the more prestigious and elite country clubs in the Nashville, Tennessee area. They were going to do a course renovation in 2022 but….”We recently announced a postponement to the previously mentioned golf course renovation, originally slated to start in January of 2022. The course renovation will now begin in January of 2023….giving us all one more year on the current track!” If you are interested in joining a private country club in the Nashville area and would like to discuss the options, email me at

As with almost all private country clubs in Nashville, Tennessee, there is a waitlist to get into this club. The waitlist is not as long as some of the other clubs as it is only around 10 families as of November 2021. That said, if things continue to go as they have, there will be many more people getting on the waiting list before the end of 2021. The only thing holding back dozens more getting on the waiting list before 2022 is the fact that the course with go through a renovation in 2023. So, you can potentially get your membership by the mid part of 2022 only to have to sit out the 2023 season. This is what the country club world has become.