An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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Why Do I Skull or Blade All of My Wedges Out of the Bunker?

The dreaded bunker shot. We have all been standing in the fairway thinking, “I would rather be anywhere but in the sand.” We try to aim our shots to avoid the greenside bunkers and where does our ball land? In the bunker. Walking up to the bunker shot, we have a million things running through our head. Open of the blade. Keep your head down. Hit behind the ball. Make it thump. Don’t chunk it. Don’t blade it. Just get it out of the damn bunker!

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Hitting Bunker Shots with Hands in Left Pocket Approach

During the Wyndham Championship last week Ian Baker Finch explained a unique way to think about hitting proper bunker shots. He stated that right handed golfers should feel as if their hands are going in their left pocket with their swing is finished. Being a terrible sand and bunker player I thought it couldn’t hurt to try something new.

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