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Ball Above My Feet in Bermuda Rough – What Do I Do?

The bermuda rough is starting to grow out at Hasentree and other courses in North and South Carolina. This means amateur golfers are going to be hitting more sideways shots. Today, I hit a tee show into the rough right above a bunker. In the winter, the ball would have fallen in the bunker but today it stuck in the bermuda rough around the bunker. Here is how you should attack the shot.

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Should I Forward Press with a 60 Degree Wedge?

Yes. And no. It is all dependent on the type of player you are and the shot you are trying to hit. From my early days of golf I wanted to be a great chipper of the golf ball. All my golfing friends told me that strokes are gained on and around the greens. Now that I can consistently shoot in the low 80s I can concur that being able to keep scores low takes a great short game. I have always forward pressed my 60 degree wedge and here is why:

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Hit Better Chips and Wedges with Acceleration Through Impact

One of my good golfing buddies was terrible around the greens when I first met him. He was an average putter but if he was not on the green he was going to take a 6 or 7 on the hole. He actually gave up on holes before he even approached his chip at times. I see this all too often with amateur golfers. There is a quick fix and it has made him a much better golf. You absolutely must accelerate the club through the ball. Here is how:

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Eagle #3 – Hasentree #5 495 Yards

It has been way too long since my last eagle. I went through the entire 2014 golf year without a single eagle. I had plenty of chances but never cashed in. On Saturday, July 4th, 2015 I had my third career eagle on hole #5 at Hasentree Country Club. This is one of my favorite par 5s in North Carolina so it was sweet to finally eagle it.

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How to “Spin Back” Wedge Shots

The reason I play three to four rounds of golf a week is to get to the 75 to 100 yard wedge shots that I can “spin back” on the bentgrass greens of Hasentree. To watch this happen puts a huge smile on my face. On the 16th hole I am often left with a 90 yard shot that is downhill. To stand at the top of the hill and watch the ball spin and dance all over the green is quite a delight. Here is how I do it:

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Hitting Irons and Wedges Off a Mat

It is that time of year. The time in which most golfers have accepted they won’t be able to get out as much. It brings a tear to my eye. I am an avid golfer that likes to play two or three times a week and I am going to be lucky to play once a week in North Carolina in November, December and January. An alternative to playing 18 or 27 holes is to hit the driving range to get some swings in. Some driving ranges have mats which can wreck havoc on an amateur golfers swing. If you are new to golf and learning how to hit short irons and wedges DO NOT hit off mats. Let me repeat; DO NOT hit off mats.

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Is the Optishot Golf Simulator Worth It?

When I first became addicted to golf I did not want to give up the activity I loved for several months while it was too cold to play in the state of North Carolina. I was not in a position to move to Florida or any other warm weather state and, honestly, that might have been taking the addiction a little too far. Instead, I thought it would be a wise investment to purchase the Optishot golf simulator that could be used in a basement or garage.

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How to Use a 60 Degree Wedge Around Fast Greens

The 60 degree wedge – an amateur golfers best friend or worst nightmare. Every amateur golfer has stood over a chip shot with a tight lie saying to themselves, “please don’t blade or skull this one across the green.” When hitting the 60 degree sand wedge properly you can work magic around the greens. The only way I am a 10 handicap is because of my short game and, ultimately, my 60 degree wedge.

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