An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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Wojdylo Golf Podcast #2 – Launch Angle

In the second Wojdylo Golf podcast I discuss the launch angle and spin rate of the ball when coming off the club face. Companies like TaylorMade and Titleist have decided that a 17 degree launch angle and 1700 RPMs is ideal for distance and spin. Unfortunately, most amateur golfers will never be able to do that. I explain why in much greater detail in the podcast.

As we enter 2015 many people will want to know when Tiger Woods is going to tee it up again. I mention the creation of a resource that helps fans find out when Tiger Woods will tee it up in a competitive event again. When that resource is created I will link it here.

Wojdylo Golf Podcast #1 – The Grip

In the first edition of the Wojdylo Golf podcast I discuss the grip. Those that tends to fade and slice the ball may very well benefit from strengthening their grip. This will allow them to come into the ball with a close or shut club face meaning they will hit the ball with more force. The ball may start out left, for a right handed golfer, but if they naturally fade the ball it is going to come back around.

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