An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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Can You Move Tree Branches or Bushes to Hit the Golf Ball

We’ve all been there. You hit a wayward drive in which the ball comes to rest near a tree or bush. You have a stance if you can use your butt or backside to push the bush or tree branches back. We know we are still in the hole because we are getting a stroke and simply have to chip out to salvage a bogey, net par. Is it legal to move the branches on the bush or tree with your butt and push some branches back with your arm?

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What Does “Rolling It in the Fairway” Mean?

If you play country club golf with a group of guys you have heard, “we are rolling it in the fairway.” If you are new to country club golf or you haven’t played a lot of money game golf, you may be lost. It sounds like you can roll the ball into a better lie and then hit it on the approach shot, right? Well, this is not exactly the case. Here is what “rolling it in the fairway” means at your country club:

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