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Will Tiger vs Phil Include Golf Carts?

They are calling it The Match. This is blasphemy for anyone that knows about Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan vs Harvie Ward and Ken Venturi. If you haven’t read the book, go get it now. The Tiger vs Phil after Thanksgiving matchup is going to be one for the ages. Although they both played terrible at the Ryder Cup, this is a different animal altogether. They are playing for $9 million, they will be the only two golfers on the course and there will be side bets. Phil mentioned betting $50k that Tiger couldn’t hit a downhill putt on a specific hole. Not $50, $50,000. Can you imagine a putt being worth $50,000?

We do know that there will not be a crowd at this event. It will also be a Pay Per View event for $20. What we don’t know is who will be at the event, besides the caddies, or if Tiger or Phil will be riding around in Golf Carts. I think all golf fans would agree that Tiger and Phil with their own cart would be wonderful. The could ride over each other’s balls or could roll up while the other is about to hit a shot. Anyone that has played golf knows the importance of a well timed Golf Cart roll up.

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Tiger Woods Hits Draw with a Driver

I shit you not. This. Just. Happened.

Tiger Woods executed a 300 yard drive with a draw. I have NEVER seen this. Never. He struggles tremendously with his driver; especially when he is trying to draw the ball. The Golf Channel did a great comparison of his current swing to the Sean Foley swing of last year. It doesn’t even compare. He looks much more like his amateur years. He is going to play some amazing golf if he can tighten up his short game. This is, by far and way, the best Tiger Woods’ swing I have seen in the last five years. Not even comparable. Chris Como is earning his paycheck.

Tiger Woods Thanksgiving 2009

On Thanksgiving Day 2009 we first learned of Tiger Woods’ personal sex life. I will never forget sitting at my sister’s house in North Raleigh and seeing a news update scroll across the bottom of the TV screen. The NFL had teams playing that night but that went to the back burner as sports fans all of the world had no idea what was going on in Windermere, Florida. The bottom ticker read “Tiger Woods has been hospitalized after a car crash, more news to come.”

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2014 Hero World Challenge Predictions

Tiger is back. Hopefully with a more healthy back. We will get to see the 14 time major champion for the first time in months on December 3rd when he hosts the 2014 Hero World Challenge at his home course of Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Windermere, Florida. With this being Tiger Woods first appearance in months many are wanting predictions as to how he will play. Well, here goes…

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Why Couldn’t Tiger Woods Hit the Driver Straight with Sean Foley?

In August of 2010 Tiger Woods officially started working with Sean Foley. Any golf fan can remember that Tiger was a complete mess at that time. He was missing shots and missing cuts. He needed some direction. At the time, Sean Foley was coaching Hunter Mahan and Sean O’Hair. Many believe Tiger started to work with him well before August but did not make the official announcement until the closing of the season. After working with Foley for four years, Tiger Woods has decided to call it quits with Sean Foley.

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Will Tiger Woods Win a Major Golf Tournament in 2015?

The official 2015 PGA Tour season is underway, even though it is still 2014. For those that may not know., the official season begins with the Open in October of the year prior. FedEx Cup points start accumulating early to get tour pros to play some of the later in the year tournaments. We probably won’t see Tiger again until very late in 2014 or early 2015. The Hero World Golf Championship, Tiger’s Tournament and the last golf tournament of the calendar year, will not be held at Sherwood Country Club in California this year. It will be at Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Windermere, Florida which has been Tiger’s home course for quite some time.  One of the reasons Tiger was so successful at Sherwood was the getable par 5s even without a driver. It will be interesting to see how Isleworth sets up for him.

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