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An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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Hyundai Tournament of Champions 2015 Predictions

While the official 2015 FedEx Cup PGA Tour Season started in late 2014 the Calendar Year season will begin in Kapalua, Hawaii this week. On Thursday, January 8th, 2015 the PGA Tour pros will tee off at Kapalua Resort. This is the first time many have teed it up since October or November. For diehard golf fans, it will be fun to watch some of the big hitters drill the ball at the courses in Hawaii.


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Hero World Challenge 2014 Round 4 Sunday Live Blog

Per the usual, expect the timestamps all over the place as I am watching the DVR of the final round. I will, most likely, only blog about Tiger as I know Jordan Spieth ran away with it.

8:18 – I am going to head over to the Chargers vs Patriots December 2014 Live Blog now. I will finish this one at another time.

8:11 – Tiger is just left of the hole in two on a par 5. He hit the fairway again. Not a bad place to be if he were chipping normally. This week, he could take a double bogey from there. He hits a good chip and will tap in for his first birdie of the day. For those wondering, he has a new red Nike polo that has quite a bit of black on the front. There is also a vertical black stripe down the back. Not a bad looking polo. I am sure it will be like $85 or $100 at Golf Galaxy, Golfsmith or Dick’s Sporting Goods this winter.

8:09 – Does anyone else think Jordan Spieth looks like a young Steve Stricker?

8:05 – Tiger has a 30 footer for birdie after hitting the fairway and getting to the green in regulation. He will walk away with a par on the 6th hole. He has a par 5 coming up.

7:57 – Tiger hits a cut with a 5 wood off the tee at 6. His tee box play has been quite impressive the entire tournament.

7:51 – The par 3 5th here for Tiger. He is playing it 191 yards with a dead straight ball. This will be a good chance for a birdie. Wow, Tiger had an uphill putt that was left to right and he missed it to take a par.

7:48 – Tiger curls it in and gets a double sandy. Nice sand save for Tiger on the 4th hole.

7:47 – Rickie Fowler is staying with Bubba Watson as his Isleworth home this week. He and Bubba are playing together in the final round. These two are great friends.

7:46 – Tiger actually hits his drive in the bucker. He has 173 yards in and hits it into another bunker. He could get a double sandy if he can get up and down from the greenside bunker.

7:43 – Frank Nobilo and Terry Gannon are wearing the red golf shirts for the final round. I like it.

7:41 – Tiger hits a driver off 4 tee here. Swing looks great. Easily carried the bunkers but is in the rough. He swing isn’t going all the way to parallel so we will watch that in the 4th round of this tournament.

7:40 – Ok, we know Tiger is not going to win this one but it should be fun to watch his swing progress. Tiger is with Steve Stricker so he is already smiling. Hopefully he can stay happy this round.

Bubba Watson “Get in the Divot”

Sarcastic Bubba is back. Here he is at the Hero World Challenge after chipping and the ball coming right back to his feet.

Bubba has a tendency of letting a few bad breaks derail his round due to anger issues. We have all been there. We hit a bad chip shot and it ends up in an even worse lie when it gets back down to our feet. Tiger has been chunking chips all week at Isleworth but he is definitely not the only one. Jimmy Walker just hit two chips that came right back down to his feet. For an amateur golfer, this is normal. For a professional golfer, this is infuriating.

Hero World Challenge 2014 Round 3 Saturday Live Blog

The timestamps are going to be all over the place today because I am going to periodically watch the DVR of the 3rd round.

6:45 – Tiger finishes birdie-birdie-birdie to shoot a 69 for the day. He is now even for the tournament.

6:42 – Tiger has hit a bunch of fairways; 320 in the air on the 18th hole. His swing looks sweet. Amazing shot into 18 and he will have a 5 footer for birdie. Fantastic finish for Tiger.

6:41 – All of the Tiger Woods coverage is going to be on the Golf Channel today with him on 18 now. The NBC execs are not going to be happy with that. The Golf Channel ratings will likely be better than the NBC ratings. It will likely be the exact same tomorrow (Sunday).

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Hero World Challenge 2014 Round 2 Live Blog

Once again, the timestamps will not be “live” as I am watching the DVR of the second round of the Hero World Challenge.

5:25 – Tiger misses the putt for bogey and takes a double bogey 6 on the 18th hole. He shoots a -2 (70) on the day. He is +3 for the tournament. I still love his swing right now. He will win tournaments with that swing. The chipping and putting will come around. I promise.

5:24 – Tough chip here for Tiger. Let’s see if he has cleaned it up. Nope. Not at all. Another terrible chip. He has lost five strokes in this tournament because of duffed chips. Not a bad 8 iron chip after that.

5:22 – Tiger has a mud ball on the second shot into the 18th. He will hit a 5 iron fade from 200 yards. He laughs at the mud ball that turned left instead of fading right. It is nice to see Tiger actually laugh. Not a bad swing just a mud ball.

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Hero World Challenge 2014 Round 1 Live Blog

I am going to be doing this live blog delayed as I was playing a round when it was on TV. That being the case, you can disregard the time stamps. They are the time stamps that I am watching it.

9:11 – Doesn’t look like Tiger is going to do an interview after his struggles. I will end it here. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day for the 14 time major champ.

9:03 – Rickie and Bubba are both playing well, just as I predicted. Let’s see if they can continue it through the next three rounds.

9:00 – Tiger was five over through the first eight holes and then played par golf. He will finish at +5 (77). He had four duffed chips so there is plenty of room for improvement.

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Live Blog During Golf Tournaments

Tonight I took the time to live blog during the AMAs.  While this has absolutely nothing to do with golf it did prepare me for something I have always wanted to do Рlive blog during sporting events. I am one of those people that cannot sit still so I always have to be doing something when watching sports. While I would love nothing more than to just sit and consume the Masters, it is not going to happen. In the past I would go on Twitter or surf the web. Why not kill two birds with one stone by live blogging and enjoying the game of golf.

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2014 Hero World Challenge Predictions

Tiger is back. Hopefully with a more healthy back. We will get to see the 14 time major champion for the first time in months on December 3rd when he hosts the 2014 Hero World¬†Challenge at his home course of Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Windermere, Florida. With this being Tiger Woods first appearance in months many are wanting predictions as to how he will play. Well, here goes…

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Does Chambers Bay Set Up for a Draw or Fade?

The 2015 US Open will be played at Chambers Bay in University Place, Washington. The second major of the season will be a chance for PGA Tour pros to put their names in the record books. Once again, Phil Mickelson will attempt to win the career grand slam and Tiger Woods will be trying to notch major championship #15, or #16 if he wins the 2015 Masters. Going into any major golf championship fans know that the shot shape off the tee box will often determine who is on the leaderboard and, ultimately, who will win the tournament.

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