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Clipstro Golf Video Your Swing iPhone App

Today while surfing Vine for golf related videos I saw this Clipstro “trace your swing” video. It is awesome!

I think most amateur golfers would love the opportunity to see the shortness or length of their swing. In the video above, you can clearly see how the golfers swing is actually longer as it goes back and shortens slightly with the downswing. There are some other cool Vine videos that show the swing from behind.  Here is a good depiction of a swing from behind:

When looking at this video it is clear this particular golfer does not bring the club inside from the take away. That is the #1 fault of amateur golfers. They get the club stuck behind them and use their hands and wrists to cock the club inside. It is very easy to think it would work best to use the club like an ax. If you wanted to chop down a tree or throw a punch you would cock your arm back behind you. The golf swing is best when it is long.

Something I do to keep the club outside my hands going back is to swing like Rickie Fowler or Jason Dufner. They have a dead hand takeaway which means they take the club back with their forearms moving much before their hands. Here are some examples of that:

If you want to improve your golf game I would strongly suggest doing whatever you can to make certain your club stays outside your hands going back. To understand what inside means check out this YouTube video and watch the swing at 2:40. You will see how quickly this left handed golfer gets the club inside and he gets stuck. This means he will hit a high slice that goes right into the trees, especially when hitting a driver:

I would not suggest using the Clipstro Golf iPhone app too much to analyze your swing but it wouldn’t hurt to check it out every once in awhile. Something you can do is to video other people with your iPhone and see what they do right and wrong. This should greatly improve your game. I would also consider looking at your short game with the Clipstro Golf app that is available on iOS. You can get more information about the Clipstro Golf Video app for the iPhone and iPad here.

It is only $2.99 and it would be well worth it if you aren’t going to get too analytical with the app. I bought the Optishot golf simulator and got way too technical with it. Try to just take it with a grain of salt and slowly improve your golf game.

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  1. Joe Waller

    Glad you like the app! And I appreciate your kind analysis of my swing. 😀

    For the longest time I had struggled with bringing the club inside on the take away. It made it virtually impossible for me to work the ball with any sort of consistency since I was having to do so much manipulation of the club during the down swing. This video is the result of almost a season’s worth of work fixing the problem.

    Anyway, thanks for using the app! And if you’ve got any suggestions for the app feel free to shoot me an email.

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