The Dataw Island Cotton Dike course designed by Tom Fazio is unreal. Pictures do not do it justice. If you have the opportunity to play this course do it yesterday.

Check out some of the panoramic pictures I took during my round.


This is a picture of my dream home location to the right of the 17th green. The view from the backyard is simply unbelievable.


This is the view from the tee box of Hole #8. No matter how bad you are playing you will enjoy the views.dataw-island-golf-hole

This is hole #6 along the water. Holes #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9 are all along the water. It is the most amazing five hole stretch I’ve ever played.


This is the first amazing view on the par 3 hole #5. It is a difficult hole but the view will make you forget about the tough tee shot.

I will try to do an overview of each of the holes for those that love the game of golf. This is a fun course with a lot of bumps and humps in the fairway. It can play completely difference depending on the conditions. If it is wet the humps don’t really matter all that much. When it is hard and fast I am certain your ball can play like a pinball.

I played the course when it was soaking wet and raining throughout the day so take that into account when I talk about the distances. The total yardage is 6129 but can play like 6800 yards when wet or windy.

Hole #1 – 298 yard par 4 – Tom Fazio eases you into the round with a very short par 4. You can hit anything from a mid iron to a driver. I would imagine when it is fast and dry this hole is drivable.

Hole #2 – 137 yard par 3 – Hit a solid short iron and you will have two pars on the card after the first two holes on the Dataw Island Cotton Dike course.

Hole #3 – 477 yard par 5 – This is a dream for anyone that can fade the ball. The layup is wide open if you don’t kill your drive. A par 5 that is a dogleg right and not all that difficult. Three rather easy holes to start.

Hole #4 – 308 yard par 4 – Another short par 4. You see the view in the distance and it is beautiful. You definitely do not need to hit a driver. A hybrid or long iron will do. You will then have a short wedge into the green. You will then see the water for the first time.

Hole #5 – 153 yard par 3 – One of the most beautiful par 3s you will ever play. You cannot see it from the tee box but short and left is the safe spot. Hit an 8 iron to short and left and you will be able to avoid the trouble.

Hole #6 – 381 yard par 4 – Another short par 4 and another amazing view. Standing on this tee box you could care less about your drive. As you can see from the photo above, the view is amazing.

Hole #7 – 477 yard par 5 – Although this hole is not along the sound the view is still spectacular. You can try to cut the corner by going over the tree from the tee box but make sure to hit your drive over 260 in the air if you plan to go this route. Water will be on your left on every shot on this hole.

Hole #8 – 329 yard par 4 – You are back along the Harbor RiverĀ on this hole and the view continues to get better. This is another short par 4 that does not necessitate a driver. On a dry day you could get away with a lot of hybrids and woods on the front 9.

Hole #9 – 389 yard par 4 – WOW! You can try to carry as much as you want to go towards the green. The further you go right the longer you will have to carry. If you are a bomber you can go right of the tree. I would suggest going at the tree or to the left of the tree with a fade. What a front 9!

Hole #10 – 372 yard par 4 – You no longer have a view of water. The view isn’t as amazing but the golf is still fantastic. A short par 4 that requires an accurate drive.

Hole #11 – 358 yard par 4 – As straight as it gets. Hit your drive straight and you will be left with a wedge or a very short iron.

Hole #12 – 168 yard par 3 – A generic 170 yard shot here. There are a few bunkers but no water to worry about.

Hole #13 – 508 yard par 5 – We finally start seeing some distance on the course. You will need to pipe a drive if you want to go for it in two. The average player will lay up and have an iron in. There is a lot of water left so missing right is a good idea for the layup shot. If you go too far right on the layup a tree will impede your view. The green has some crazy breaks when putting from back to front.

Hole #14 – 387 yard par 4 – Don’t go right on your drive and you are fine. There are trees right that will make your second shot difficult.

Hole #15 – 415 yard par 4 – This will challenge your distance. Hit a good drive and you will still be left with a long iron or hybrid. Bring your big boy pants when you play this hole. The green is very large so there is plenty of room to land it on.

Hole #16 – 155 yard par 3 – There is water all along the left. A bunker right might come into play for those that fade the ball. Other than that, a standard 160 yard shot.

Hole #17 – 398 yard par 4 – One of my favorite holes on the course. You can see the Harbor River on the left and the fairway has all kinds of humps and bumps. If you hit your drive straight you will be left with a mid iron. The green is rather large and not a ton if crazy breaks. My dream house location is to the right of this green. Check it out above.

Hole #18 – 509 yard par 5 – This is a big boy par 5. You will hit your drive straight as there is no reason to try to carry the water left. This will leave you with a long one into the green. Going for it is nearly impossible. Lay up to 100 yards and have a direct shot into the green with the sound all down the left. What a gorgeous finishing hole.