6:25 – Six skins up for grabs. $1.1 million. Just a little more than the carry overs you play on Friday or Saturday. It’s up to Rory here. Let’s see if he can get it inside Matthew Wolff. Rory gets inside of Matthew Wolff but not by a lot; that’s for sure. It was very nice to see live golf back. Next week is Tiger and Peyton vs Phil and Brady.

6:17 – Drop kicked it a little bit. Ahhh, we all know that type of shot. DJ rolls it right off the edge. Now they are going to play closest to the hole from 120 yards on hole #17. That should be fun and you have to give the advantage to Rickie on this type of shot.

6:14 – DJ hits his best shot of the day and could win the match here with a one putt. Rory throws one in to about 10 feet. Looks like DJ and Rory have a good chance to come out on top. They need t hit some good putts though.

6:06 – The winner of 18 takes it all. Lots of sports betting money on the line here. Rickie is the best putter but Rory will likely be 25 yards ahead of him off the tee. As predicted, Rory blasts it past Rickie. That said, Rickie’s putter is much hotter right now.

5:58 – Very big hole here. If Rory and DJ win this one they will go into the lead. That said, DJ hasn’t hit a putt all day and Rickie has been whipping their asses. Looks like a putt off between DJ and Rickie. Likely all pars here heading into 18.

5:47 – Short par 4 16th and Rory drives it into the greenside bunker. No big deal, just flying it over 325. Rory throws his sand shot right next to the hole. DJ is definitely the weakest link today.

5:40 – The famous “meow” for leaving a putt short. You can’t play a round of country club golf without hearing it. Rory had a great chance to get a lot back there with a birdie and just lips it out. DJ and Rory need to play well on the last three holes.

5:11 – Long drive competition again here. Wolff bombs one. Rick Flower has no chance to win the long drive but he will probably win the hole. Matthew Wolff wins this one. Again. Thanks Gankas. Only 368 yards on that drive.

4:58 – DJ is not putting well right now. Wow, who would have guessed there would be only one birdie on the 12th hole. There was a good chance for four birdies and only one with Rick Flower.

4:51 – I love how Azinger thinks DJ isn’t that flexible. Umm, has he seen his backswing? DJ has one of the biggest turns in golf. Just because he stacks his finish does not mean he is not flexible. If he were to consistently hit a draw, that finish would look much different.

4:41 – Dustin Johnson is in his pocket and on to the next tee. Ahhhh, the joys of skins golf. Play hard Rory. Rickie drains it to get two more skins and add a birdie to that. Experience at Seminole is playing its part. Experience at Donald Ross golf courses is a premium.

4:34 – Rory’s lines are just ridiculous. Stay bent over at the hips Rory and you will win about four more majors. Stop standing up!

4:18 – Here we go on the back nine. Pace of play is about 2 hours per nine. They will likely try to finish right around 6:00 pm est. “All the speed is after impact.” This is definitely something amateurs do not understand at all. Three great shots into #10 and Rory is left of the green with a chip upcoming. 200 single digit handicappers at Seminole. Not too bad. Rickie is clearly not happy with his putting right now.

4:04 – A 545 yard par 5 sets up great fr DJ and Rory. Not so much for team mustache. Rory hits the lip of the bunker and still gets it all the way to the green. DJ hits it over the green in two. These guys really struggle reading greens without a caddie or someone helping them. It’s crazy how bad they read greens. Rickie rolls it in to get three $100,000 skins here. Two birdies fr team mustache. Rickie and Wolff are now in the lead even though they have only won four skins to DJ and Rory’s five.

3:49 – Fairway woods off the deck into a par 3. Gotta love it. This par 3 is playing 237. Most amateurs can’t hit their driver that far. Another hole halved. It seems the power of Rory and DJ is really important now.

3:27 – Rory hits it to within two feet. Their leg and footwork is just fantastic. Look at that lead leg creating tension and leverage. Rory gets the birdie. DJ and Rory now up 5-1.

3:19 – Rory and DJ take hole #5 with a par. “Should be fine” as it sails off into the shrubs and could be gone. We will see if Wolff is even in play. Its 4-1 DJ/Rory. I am not sure how the betting odds pay out though as the skins are worth more on the back 9 and even more on 17 and 18. I guess the winner is the team with the most money earned for charity. This means you could lose 13 holes and still win the match.

3:09 – Wolff and Rickie get on the board so now it is 3-1. A tough par 3 here. It’s interesting the Rickie talks the least shit of this foursome. Matthew Wolff really likes to talk it up. Rory definitely talks the most. Only Rory hits the green on hole #5.

2:53 – Rory and DJ have yet to lose the tee box. DJ plays so fast he doesn’t even line up the shot. It is clear that someone needs to focus him to get the best golf out of him. Wolff and Rickie are much more methodical and deliberate golfers.

2:51 – DJ takes that comment to heart and wins the hole with a birdie. Team bombers are up 3-0 at the moment. Two carry overs and the skin from hole #3.

2:43 – Hey DJ, is this a waste bunker? Oh, nevermind. The shit talking is going strong right now.

2:26 – Matthew Wolff hits it 356 yards and has a sand wedge into the green. 100 yards to the hole. No one hits a great shot into green #2 but DJ and Wolff have birdie putts.

2:18 – Hole #2 looks a lot like Hole #12 at Hope Valley. There is always an uphill longer par 4 at Ross courses. A millimeter off the heel. DJ decided to rip one about 325 yards but left. Wolff looks like he is going to win this one. He flies it about 325 in the air. Wolff wins the long drive competition on hole #2. George Gankas would be so proud.

2:15 – It is funny to hear the guys joke around with mics on. This is something we never get to see out of PGA Tour pros. Rickie misses a short putt and they all walk away with pars on the first hole. Rickie has won three member-guests at Seminole.

2:10 – Mark my words, they will talk about how hard it is to carry their own bag by holes #15 or #16. Rickie zapping the distance with a laser. Welcome to a Donald Ross golf course. All greens will be a turtleback. Rickie looks like the best shot at birdie here.

2:05 – It looks like team mustache vs team bombers today. You figure out which is which. The first fairway at Seminole is quite wide. Rory and DJ drill theirs down the middle. Rickie and Wolff are left and right respectively. The boys are carrying their own bags in this match. This is fun to watch. And, it seems like every golfer has the same jokes….”play well boys; but, not too well.” Who has heard that a million times in a tournament at a private country club?

2:00 – We are about to go live at Seminole Golf Club on NBC. Finally, live golf. They are calling this the TaylorMade Driving Relief. Looks like the boys are able to wear shorts during this event. It should be fun.