I am one of the few people that can admit they cannot hit a draw with a stiff shaft on a driver. I am not proud. I gladly play with a women’s driver and shoot in the 70s. I tried my damndest to figure out how to hit a draw with a stiff shafted driver and it would never turn over. One day, I was playing with a lovely young lady and decided to hit her driver. It was a nice five yard draw that went a mile. I was convinced.

If you are having trouble turning your driver over and hitting a draw it is likely because you are not getting enough “whip” or “torque” on your swing. The way to do this is to either increase your swing speed or get a more flexible shaft. Instead of trying to increase my swing speed, I went with the more flexible women’s shaft. It has done wonders for my game.

On any given day, I can hit my driver about 265 yards with a draw or a power fade. It has made a world of difference in my scoring. With my old TaylorMade R9 driver I would struggle to stay in the mid to low 80s. Now, I shoot in the high 70s consistently. Note that I am playing the 3s tees at my course and not the 2s or tips.

There will be plenty of “good ole boy” golfers that will make fun of you for hitting a women’s driver or a regular graphite shaft driver. Simply point to the middle of the fairway and mention that you took a par or a birdie on the hole when they are writing down a bogey or worse. One of the things I learned early on in the game of golf is that you should have no pride in the equipment you use. Find what works for you.

Go out to the range and try hitting a women’s driver. I will almost guarantee you will be able to hit a draw with it. You will likely also be able to make better contact because you will be able to get more whip on your swing. Let me know how it works out for you.