While researching Tiger Woods’ new swing coach, Chris Como, I found this photo that he shared on Twitter:


I have no idea what the numbers on the x and y axis mean but I understand the premise. Instead of lifting the club straight up with your hands it is better to keep the club on the ground as long as possible. When I first started playing golf one of my good friends showed me a drill to keep the club face from getting too far inside. He put a tee in the ground about 18 inches behind my driver. He told me to keep the driver head on the ground and outside the tee before it started to go up in the backswing. This is what helped me to realize the importance of not lifting the club with your hands and immediately getting it behind you.

When beginner golfers try to swing a golf club they think of it like an ax. It makes sense that you could get more power if you cocked your wrists and tried to hit down like an ax, right? Well, this does not work when it comes to hitting a golf ball solid.

All that said, I wondered if my swing could improve if I actually dropped my hands as I started to go back. Anytime I see or hear of something to help a swing I immediately go into the bathroom and look in the mirror to see what it does to my body and swing path. While some may benefit from dropping their hands when going back it causes me to dip my head quite a bit.

I am adamant about not moving my head at all during the golf swing. One of the reasons I can consistently shoot between 82 and 88 is because my upper body does not move that much in the swing. If fact, if you took a video of my head during the swing, it hardly moves at all. If you are dropping your hands when you go back it is going to cause your head to drop. You are going to have to get your head back to level before making impact with the ball. In my mind, this is going to cause inconsistencies.

Do you drop your hands when you go back? Do you dip your head at all? I would love to know if you have tried this method and if it has worked for you. I think it wouldn’t be a bad practice method for those learning how to hit the ball solid but if you have played golf for years and you have developed a consistent swing I do not see how dropping your hands while going back would improve one’s game.