Well, my round at Chapel Ridge could not have started any better. The first hole at Chapel Ridge is dogleg left and downhill. It looks like this:


I have finally learned a controlled draw with my driver and that is exactly what I hit off the tee box. I hit a five yard draw and it left me with 100 yards to the pin but it was playing closer to 95 yards. I have been using my brand new Cleveland 56 degree wedge a lot lately and this was the perfect distance. As soon as I struck it I knew it was going to be good.

Heck, I even said, “Get in the hole” after it hit the green. I knew it had to be very close when looking at it from the fairway. I was actually shocked it did not go in.

My buddy Mike and I agree it had to be within inches. After driving the cart up to the green this is what I saw:


If you look close you will notice dirt on the top of the ball. This was the only thing that kept it from rolling in. I was so enamored by how it stayed out that I allowed my friend Mike to play his chip shot. As he address his chip my ball fell in the hole for an eagle 2 on the first hole of Chapel Ridge.

It could have been him address the ball or even a slight gust of wind would have knocked it in. Either way, I will be taking that as the fifth eagle of my life and the third this month! It took me four years to get two eagles and I have had three in a span of two weeks.

I ended up shooting 81 with two more birdies. I had an eagle and two birdies on the front 9 and still shot a 38. One day I will get it all together. Until then, I will be more than happy to take three eagles in a month.