Ok, there is no way I can continue at this clip. While I have been striking the ball extremely well over the past few weeks, four eagles in one month is just plain ridiculous for me. Here is how it happened today on the 13th hole at Hasentree.

Hole #13 at Hasentree is a straight away par 5 that plays 472 on the card. In reality, it plays shorter than that because the second shot runs like crazy. I hit a great drive that left me with 234 into the green. My friend Brian convinced me I had to go for it as I was contemplating laying up. I have been hitting any shot inside of 115 yards very close so I thought my eagle opportunity would come from a hole out from the fairway.

I ended up hitting a 5 wood and crushed it. I hit a piercing trajectory draw that ended up just on the front edge of the fringe. When I walked up I knew it was chip in able. I hit my Cleveland 56 degree wedge perfectly. I watched it carry about three quarters of the way there, check and slowly roll into the cup; dead center for eagle #6 of my life and eagle #4 of the 2015 season.

I do not expect to continue at this pace but the last month has been very nice. Now that I am hitting my driver over 250 yards it is making this hole golf thing a little bit easier.