Absolutely not. Below you will see my driver swing and I shot a 75 just the other day.

The most important thing with a driver is to keep it in play and hit the ball on the center of the club face. One of the great things about making your driver swing shorter is you are not going to have as much of a hook or slice swing. Even if you do hook or slice the ball it will likely remain in play.

When playing the amateur tees from any course in America, you do not need to hit the ball 300 yards to have irons into the green. I tend to play a course that is between 6500 and 6700 yards and I hit many 7, 8 and 9 irons into the greens. Do not get me wrong, on 440 yard par 4s I am hitting a 5 wood off the deck but there are only a handful of those holes on most courses.

Once you accept that you don’t need to try to hit the ball 300 yards off the tee box you will find that it makes the game of golf much easier. Shortening your driver swing will likely improve your wedge game as well. Wedges and short irons are not meant to be full swings. If you are accustomed to hitting every shot with a full, below parallel, swing you will likely find that your 100 yard and in game is not good. In fact, it will likely be atrocious. Some of the worst short game golfers I have ever seen are those that feel they need to hit their club face on their front hip at the top of their back swing.

Check out my approach wedge swing here.  This is a 50 degree wedge that went about 115 yards. Do you really think you need to hit a wedge further than 115 yards? I would argue that anyone that takes a full swing cannot hit it that far. Also, I am much more accurate and my ball striking improves every time I hit the links.

Next time you are at the practice range try shortening your driver swing. If you get control of your golf swing and you have a decent short game there is a strong possibility that you will be able to shoot in the 70s. It takes a lot of effort and concentration but it is possible.