Henrik Stenson is one of the best iron “strikers” on the PGA Tour. His skill was on display in the 2016 Open Championship where he put on a clinic against Phil Mickelson. Many amateur and scratch golfers would love to strike their irons as well as Henrik does. So, how does he do it and what irons does he hit?

Stenson plays the Callaway Legacy Black, 2 iron through pitching wedge with Nippon Pro Modus3 120X shafts. Many may wonder what woods he plays as he has a deadly 3 wood. It is a Callaway Diablo Octane Tour  with a Grafalloy Blue X shaft at 13 Degrees. This is a weapon for Henrik as he often leaves his Callaway XR 16 in the bag. If Henrik every starts to get wayward with his driver you may not see if during a round or even an entire tournament.

The reason Henrik hits his irons and 3 wood so well is his swing is a descending swing. That means he comes into the ball with his hands well in front of the ball. Note that when you do this, there is the potential to shank the ball as your timing has to be spot on with your hands so far in front of the ball. This is Henrik hitting a few shanks in tournaments:

He has done this a number of times in tournaments so do not think you are the only good ball strikers that gets the shanks. Try to keep your turn full and get through the ball and do not let it get in your mind.

Also note that if you descend into the ball you are going to hit your woods better than your driver at times. I am one of these players. There are rounds in which I can absolutely kill my 5 wood but I seem to heel my driver. The fact that I come down into the ball makes my driver “heely” at times. On days like this, I simply accept that I am a wood player off the tee and hit longer second shots into the green.

Do not feel as if you need to tee up a driver every single time. Henrik Stenson is a perfect example of someone that comes down into the ball and hits his woods and irons better. Some of the best ball striking iron players do not hit their driver all that well.

Do you plan on trying out the Callaway Legacy Black irons? Do you find that your iron and wood play is better than your driver play?