During the Wyndham Championship last week Ian Baker Finch explained a unique way to think about hitting proper bunker shots. He stated that right handed golfers should feel as if their hands are going in their left pocket with their swing is finished. Being a terrible sand and bunker player I thought it couldn’t hurt to try something new.

Over the last three rounds I have gotten out of every single bunker. Some of the shots have been a little bit thin but they are out of the bunker. On my longer bunker shots I am hitting the ball fantastic. In fact, I had an 85 yard bunker shot into the 10th green of Hasentree and dropped it right next to the pin with spin. Of course I missed the birdie putt but this was a shot that was truly impossible for me just two weeks ago.

For this shot to work properly you need a very shallow swing. Pulling the club through with your hands going in your left pocket keeps the swing very shallow. I like to also go back very shallow to make certain I am sliding under the ball.

If you have had trouble getting out of greenside or fairway bunkers I would strongly suggest trying the hands in your left pocket method. Go to your short game practice area and try it a few times. You can also use this technique if you want to hit flop shots. The more you open the clubface the more you have to aim left and the higher the ball is going to go.

Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.