I was on Twitter today and I saw a funny Tweet explaining the love hate relationship with the driver. In the video, Nick Faldo laughs and says, “Oh my God, he hit is fat.” Yes, I would say this shot is fat.

We have all done it before but this is something you rarely see on the PGA Tour. In the last few years, Tiger Woods has hit plenty of “pop up” 5 woods which he has hit fat. In fact, I was watching one tournament in which Tiger hit a 5 wood about 75 yards. Oh, the joys of this game.

I am quite positive I would hit some terrible tee shots if hundreds and thousands were watching me. Fortunately, I do not have that worry and I will never get paid to play golf. Well, nothing more than a few dollars here and there with my buddies. If we are playing fairways hit, maybe I can scratch out a crisp $10. Unfortunately, most of my friends know not to play fairways hit with me. I don’t hit it long, but I have a seeing eye dog that helps my ball land in the fairway; especially at my home course.