So, over the last several months I have become good friends with former radio personality and NFL tight end Mark Thomas. The first time I played with Mark I saw him hit a 325 yard bomb off the first tee at Heritage Golf Course. Since then I have seen him drill some drives that easily went over 400 yards (wind aided). Anyone that thinks an amateur cannot consistently hit a 300 yard drive in the fairway has never seen Mark Thomas play. Here are a handful of his swings;

When you are 6’5″, 250 pound former NFL tight end you have a little more leverage and strength in your swing. What is interesting about Mark’s swing is his ability to swing as hard as he can and still hit the ball straight. He can hit both a fade and a draw with the fade being a little more controllable. The draw goes further but it can get a little hooky at times.

Watching him play Hasentree and Heritage is almost humorous out of the tee box. He goes over the trees left on hole #1 at Hasentree and carries the water and cart path on the 14th hole (par 5) at Heritage.

I will try to get some more Vine videos or Mark Thomas’ golf swing over the next few months. Hopefully he can clean up his inside 150 game and get down to a 1 or 2 handicap.