Saturday, December 27th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club – 61 and nice. It had been ten days since I picked up a golf club. The last two times I played (see below) I was getting nothing on my driver. I was hitting it about 225 yards ¬†when it was windy and cold. I had thought about changing my swing to get a little more distance. Today changed all that as I was hitting my driver well over 250 again and I struck the ball quite well. I had the case of the tops for a few holes which lead to an 88. Other than the “tops” I played very well and had a few birdie putts. I look forward to getting out on the course when I am on top of all areas of my game.

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club – 58 and cool. I was not feeling amazing, the flu was coming on, but I had to get one last round in before the holidays. All I can say is that I played like shit and felt like shit afterwards. Nothing more, nothing less. It will be awhile before I play again.

Monday, December 15th, 2014 – Lonnie Poole Golf Course – 57 and nice. I teed it up with Andrew and three of his friends today. They were all single digit handicappers that could hit the ball a mile. I didn’t even keep score but I imagine I would have shot a 47 or 48 on the back nine of Lonnie Poole. We only played the back nine and a few holes on the front nine. I didn’t play well, but that is to be expected as Lonnie Poole is a very difficult course. I probably won’t play that course again until it warms up. Overall, the greens were slow and the course was in good condition. I really do not like the sand in the bunkers at Lonnie Poole. Lots of fried eggs which is not fun.

Sunday, December 14th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club – 55 and cool. Brian and I teed it up around noon. I was reluctant to play as my legs were sore as shit from an insane leg workout on the Wednesday prior. I full expected to play horrible. The opposite was true. I ended up shooting an 81 for the first 18 and a 41 on the back 9, the second time we played it. Heck, I even took $10 from Brian with one putts, GIRs and some great chip shots. It was truly a great day of golf. I wish I could replicate it. Much more on this round here.

Sunday, December 7th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club – 48 and cold as shit. Somehow Brian talked me into playing today and it wasn’t the best decision. It was very cold and windy making it difficult to get to the green. The course played about five to seven strokes harder than usual which makes my 93 more respectable. I putted so very well today but it didn’t matter because of the conditions. I one putted at least six holes which makes my 93 even more crazy. Winter months are not easy for those that can’t hit the ball a long way. I am still happy with my swing overall.

Thursday, December 4th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club – 52 and relatively nice. Brian and I played today and I honestly could not have played much better. I shot a 40 on our front 9 (the back), a 44 on our back (the front) and we played another 9 in which I shot 40 again even with a double bogey to finish on 18. Overall, this was my best day of driving, chipping and putting together in several months. I hit 16 of 19 fairways and had very few three putts. A great day of golf for me. Too bad it is getting cold in North Carolina.

Monday, December 1st, 2014 – Lonnie Poole Golf Course – 67 and breezy. Today I had the opportunity to play with Mark Thomas for the second time. I shot around a 94 after hacking it up on the back nine. Per the usual, 9 of 13 fairways hit. Mark started with three birdies on the first five holes but then cooled off. It was fun to watch. It you want your balls busted, literally, take a trip over to Lonnie Poole and play a round at the NC State course. It is not for the faint of heart; lots of very difficult shots.

Sunday, November 30th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club – 64 and windy as hell. I teed it up with Brian, Gray and David today at Hasentree. Shot a 91 with 10 of 13 fairways hit. The course was playing about 10 to 15 yards too long for my swing. I was in tough situations all day and didn’t putt worth a shit. Playing the 2s in windy conditions is not a good idea.

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 – TopGolf Alexandria. 58 and cool. While this isn’t a round of golf, it is as close as I can get when it is late November in Washington, DC. If you want to know more about TopGolf, check out my review link here: TopGolf Alexandria, Virginia Review

Monday, November 24th, 2014 – Hasentree Country Club. 66 and breezy. Brian and I had a 10:00 am tee time. I shot an 87 with 11 of 13 fairways hit from the 3 tees. I had an up and down round, but hit my irons rather well. If I had putted better I would have easily shot in the low 80s. After playing 18 holes there was lightning, rain and rainbows. We ended up playing through all four seasons and not leaving the course until around 4:30 pm. This damn game.