Old Memorial (Tampa, Florida) Golf Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues

If you are an avid golfer that wants to enjoy golf during the cold winter months of November through March and April there is no better place than Tampa, Florida. Their peak and tournament golf season is when much of the rest of the United States is getting prepared for a cold winter. Old Memorial Golf Club in Tampa, Florida is known as the “Golf Club” of the area. It is a walking (with a caddie) only golf course in which the members want to play golf. It is not a country club in that spouses and children are not on the membership. It is pure golf.

Below are the Old Memorial Golf Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues:

  • Resident Golf Membership – $65,000 Initiation Fee with $12,000 in Yearly Dues
  • Non Resident Golf Membership – $65,000 Initiation Fee and $8700 in Yearly Dues

Note that the yearly dues cannot be split up into monthly dues. You will have to cut a check for the full amount, plus taxes, when you join. It is also important to note that this is an invitation only golf club so you cannot simply submit an application and write a check to get in.

In 1994, the founders of Outback Chris Sullivan, Bob Basham and Bob Merritt created a pure golf club in their hometown of Tampa, Florida. It has Tiffeagle Bermuda greens and Bermuda fairways. It was designed by Steve Smyers who also designed Wolf Run Golf Club, Isleworth Country Club, Maridoe Golf Club, Chart Hills Golf Club, Evian Golf Club, Butterfield Country Club, and Olympia Fields Country Club – South. If you want pure golf in Tampa, Florida Old Memorial is the club for you. You can be rest assured the best Tampa dermatologist is a member at this club.