If you are seeking the best Raleigh, NC golf instruction, look no further than Patrick Kelley.  Patrick has over 24,000 hours of coaching experience and has coached students to 30+ professional tour wins.

If you’ve ever had a lesson with Patrick Kelley you learn quickly that the core  of the human body is what creates the power in the golf swing. This is illustrated perfectly with the Putting Perfecter, no pun intended. If you have seen the commercial, you know that the Putting Perfecter takes your hands, wrists and arms out of the putting motion. By placing the Putting Perfecter properly against your chest and putting pressure on the inside of your biceps, you have to rock your shoulders to hit the ball with your putter.

Patrick teaches the exact same motion with every swing; from a 56 degree wedge chip shot to a driver you are swinging at 115 mph. Every swing is the same, to the core. If you place the Putting Perfecter on the chest of any professional golfer as they approach impact, you will see it fits perfectly with the pressure of their arms being on the inside of their biceps. Remember Ben Hogan talking about wrapping a cloth around his forearms to keep them close together throughout the entire swing? In essence, this is what the Putting Perfecter does.

Do not think this is something that can be learned overnight or even over the course of a few months. Remember, I have been going to lessons with Patrick for 16 months now. I have played very little golf on the course and have devoted myself to becoming the best golfer I can be. Note that I asked for a complete overhaul and Patrick is going down a very challenging road with me.

That said, if you are looking for a golf coach or golf instructor that understands every aspect of the swing from the millisecond you take it away to the beautiful finish, Patrick Kelley is the best. He has taken seniors with limited flexibility and coached them to shooting their age multiple times a year. He has taken college golfers and coached them to becoming player of the year in not only their conference, but their entire division. He has taken juniors and brought their scoring average down by 10 strokes.

Once again, it is important to understand that Patrick Kelley is a big picture guy. He is not going to give you a “swing tip” and expect you to drop your score by three strokes. He knows that changing a golf swing and a golf game is a process. Part of the joy of going to lessons with Patrick is it is 50% psychology; maybe more. During my first six to nine months of learning a new swing, it was very, very frustrating. Patrick was always there to put things into perspective and reinforce that even though I wasn’t hitting the ball well, I was moving in the correct direction.

I am proud to say that Patrick Kelley is my coach. He has been a very important part of not only my golf life, but my personal life. The challenges of learning the game of golf have helped me physically, emotionally and mentally. If you are looking for a golf instructor or coach that will not only improve your swing, but your overall happiness with the game of golf, contact Patrick Kelley today. If you want an honest discussion about going through the process feel free to email me at jesse@wojdylogolf.com and I can help you better understand your options.

Some of the questions people have asked me about this commercial are:

What type of alligator or crocodile belt is Patrick Kelley wearing?

This is a Stitch Golf product that is no longer available. When it becomes available, you will be able to find it at this product page.

What is the OC on Patrick Kelley’s Pullover Jacket?

This is the logo for Old Chatham, the private golf club in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina area in which Patrick teaches out of. More on Old Chatham here.

Where Does Patrick Kelley Coach and Play?

Once again, Patrick coaches out of Old Chatham in North Carolina. He grew up in Seattle, Washington and near La Quinta, California so he has a lot of connections to golf courses on the west coast as well.

Can I Get a Golf Lesson From Patrick Kelley?

Yes, of course. Patrick is a full time golf coach and instructor. Once again, contact me at jesse@wojdylogolf.com to learn more about Patrick’s instruction and coaching.

What is Stitch Golf?

Stitch Golf is a golf merchandise company that sells headcovers, polo shirts, waterproof pants, premiere golf bags and travel bags.

Can I Use the Putting Perfecter for Chipping or Full Swing Practice?

Yes and yes. Note that the Putting Perfect works great for chipping. When it comes to the full swing, it is going to fall out from under your arms as you get closer to the top of the backswing. You will understand better by watching the videos below:

Did Patrick Kelley really hit a flop shot with a 2 iron and hybrid?

Yes and yes. Watch and learn.


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