As soon as we get the confirmed date/time (reports are May 2020) and location, we will post it here.

This is what Tom Brady posted on April 23rd, 2020:

Some questions about this event:

What is Tom Brady’s handicap? 8.1

What is Peyton Manning’s handicap? 6.4 (some are reporting as low as 3, we shall see)

What golf course will they play on? Potentially Shadow Creek outside of Las Vegas again. Some rumors are courses in Florida. Seminole? Brady is a member of Seminole.

What is the format? It will likely be two man best net ball

What is the date? TBD (reports are May 2020)

Will they play under the lights again? TBD

What TV Channel will it be on? TNT

Will it be Pay Per View (PPV)? No

Will there be fans? No

Will they use golf carts? No

Will it be handicapped? Just for Brady and Peyton

Will there be side bets? Of course

What tees will Brady and Peyton play? Likely the whites; not the tees Phil and Tiger play from

Can you buy tickets? No

On the day of the event, I will do my best to update this page with a live blog. We have all been anxiously awaiting some type of sports event during the shelter in place and this looks to be it.

Brady vs Manning Handicaps

Over the last few days, in late April, there has been much debate about the handicaps of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Some have reported Peyton’s handicap is as low as 3 and as high as an 8. The consensus is Tom Brady has a handicap around 8. Anyone that has played country club golf knows handicaps can be extremely misleading. There is always a guy at the country club that is a 15 and shoots in the high 70s during tournaments (sandbagger!). The opposite is true when it comes to Hollywood handicaps. There is a guy that thinks he is a 2 and can’t break 80 when the pressure is on.

We will get a clear representation of their golf games under pressure during this event.

Here is my swing analysis of each NFL quarterback.

Tom Brady Swing Analysis

Brady is obviously tall and skinny which allows him to generate club speed because of his arms and torso. He is an arms swinger through and through. This is not uncommon for amateur golfers. What is interesting about Brady is he lifts the club quite a bit after his take away but keeps the club face open. By doing this, he is going to flip a ton at impact. There is almost zero body rotation in his swing. When he is hitting the ball the best, he is definitely a fall back flipper. This means we will get to see him chunk a few wedges or hit the ball straight up in the air from inside 125 yards. You can read more about that here. Brady is likely very inconsistent with distance control because he is a fall back flipper. That said, his posture is significantly better than Peyton Manning’s.

Peyton Manning Swing Analysis

Peyton Manning completely shuts the club face going back. He also has terrible posture. Peyton has absolutely no hip bend at his setup which forces him to use his hands and arms to take the club back. He attempts to set the club very early which is why he has a shut club face at the top. He then tries to use his right leg to generate power but it does exactly the opposite. His right knee drives towards the golf ball instead of relaxing and staying on the target line. Because of this, Peyton is going to only hit fades when he is playing his best. There is no way this golf swing can hit a consistent draw.

What many will find interesting is Brady will likely drive the ball further but Manning will be much better from inside 125 yards. The tees they play and the distance of the course will determine who participates/wins specific holes. My prediction is Manning will win the shorter holes and Brady will win the longer holes. Since Brady has a higher handicap, he will get strokes on the holes that play longer which will be a strength for him.

It likely won’t matter all the much as Tiger and Phil will carry their teams. While Manning and Brady will be getting strokes, it is a different game when you are playing with golfers that have dynamic golf swings and can win PGA Tour events.

Brady vs Manning Putting

I could not find any videos of either NFL quarterback putting. No matter how bad your swing is, you can really take a lot of strokes off your game by being a great putter. I likely won’t be able to do any putting analysis until the day of the event. If you have videos of Brady or Manning putting please send them to me at so I can do some analysis before the big event in May 2020.

Brady vs Manning Chipping and Short Game

Once again, I was unable to find videos of Brady or Manning chipping, pitching or playing bunker shots. That said, from their full swings, I would bet the Manning has the better short game. He clearly has phenomenal hand/eye coordination and he hoods the club taking it away. This type of hand action often allows amateurs to miss chips and still hit it pretty well. For almost 10 years I used this chipping motion and most would have considered me an above average chipper. Note that this type of chipping motion does not allow you to get true loft on the ball. That said, these guys are not hitting 30 yard flop shots over bunkers.

With Brady being a fall back flipper, he is going t struggle with chipping because he is likely going to bottom out before the club face gets to the ball. This means he will either hit the ground before the ball and chunk it or blade it quite often.

I would definitely give the chipping and short game advantage to Manning. Solely from the analysis of their full swings. It is likely the case that neither Brady nor Peyton are prolific in their bunker play. If one of these two hits it in the bunker, they might as well pick it up in this format.