I am slowly but surely getting deeper and deeper in my backswing. Now, when I get more than halfway to the top, I feel like I am driving under with my lower left lat. When I can get this “push” I hit the ball really well.

Patrick is very pleased with the depth of my backswing but warned of allowing my left knee to fall back too much. Holding off with the legs and turning around the lower body is what creates the torque. We focused more on the downswing today as Patrick wants me to keep the left knee soft and bent as I get to impact. Just after impact, I can feel the tension release in my back and come under. It feels like my lower right lat is driving into my right tricep. While doing this, I need to keep my left foot planted and my left leg strong.

As I get better with my turn, I am also noticing that I can keep my posture better as well. With the better turn, I also feel as if I don’t have to use my arms as much.

After the lesson, Patrick and I went to lunch at Tijuana Flats and chatted about life, golf and everything else. It was a joy to see him somewhere off the driving range.

UPDATE: We were about to be hit hard by Covid-19 which would change so much. Since Covid I have not eaten at that Tijuana Flats nor have I been back to Old Chatham. In the next few lessons you will read about Patrick leaving Old Chatham.

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