We had to readdress my posture and stance during lesson #11 . I had the habit of flexing my knees and slouching. This is something I had to hit on repeatedly because of my old habits of allowing all my weight to be on my heels and my shoulders falling over my chest. Without the correct posture, it is very difficult to hit a golf ball. As Patrick likes to say, “we have to address the roots before there is going to be a good golf swing.” Oh, how I know that to be the case.

Remember, this “lazy” posture was also the reason I allowed my right elbow to fly out on the backswing. When I focus on my posture, the rest of my golf swing gets better.

Patrick also mentioned allowing my right elbow to bend and be slightly inside my left elbow at address. If you were looking from behind, you could put an alignment stick at the elbows and it would face just to the right of the target. This allows you to fold the right elbow in as you are getting to the top of your backswing.

UPDATE: We are 110 lessons in and I still address my posture on a daily basis. It is so easy to get lazy and slouch. I have to bend at the hips to address the ball every single time. Oh yeah, that right elbow thing, it keeps coming up with every addition to the golf swing. You will hear about it much more in the next 100 lessons. It is crazy how much the arms want to take over in the golf swing. You can tell they are taking over when the left elbow and the right elbow start to flair out.

The best golfers in the world feel both of their elbows being soft and falling towards their belly button; especially at impact.

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