We are still at Knight’s Play because of coronavirus. They are shutting down the state of North Carolina for the month of April so we will likely be at Knight’s Play or at Patrick’s father in law’s for the foreseeable future.

Today, we talked about the spine angle. While I am doing good turning my torso and getting into my left lat on driving back Patrick added that it needs to feel like my right hip bone is pointed towards my right toe during the entire backswing. This is extremely difficult. It is hard because I am still working on the flexibility in my right hip. I know I need to turn my torso without giving up my right knee and right hip but that is going to take time. When you add keeping the right hip angled down, it is even harder.

Now that coronavirus has taken over the country, it will likely be the case that I don’t go back to playing golf until later than May now. That is fine as it gives me more time to clean up some of the important parts of my swing.

The longer I can keep my arms out of the swing on the backswing while also getting my torso turning, the better I can hit the ball.

UPDATE: It is now January 2021 and the country is still struggling to contain the coronavirus. I haven’t played a round of golf in over a year. It is quite all right as I have really improve my golf swing quite a bit. While I am still only hitting wedges with Patrick, I am very confident that my swing is close to being a product I can bring to Hasentree or Hope Valley.

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