Still at Knight’s Play because of Coronavirus. Today was an important day. Patrick said, “Do not change that backswing. You know what I mean, do not change that backswing.” He went on to say that the backswing I have created is going to be the foundation for me becoming a great golfer. So, what does it feel like?

First, I bend at the hips setting the angle. Something new is to look at the top of the clubface as I lower it to the ground. I used to put my head down which made my upper back slump. Now that I look at the top of the clubface, I can keep my chest high. When at setup, my right leg feels a little lighter than my left. I start with a very small move with my lower left obliques. When I do this, I have to think about making certain my right side is extremely soft and relaxed. I then use the back side of my lower left obliques to start the swing while keeping my hands passive. Then, I drive through my upper left obliques and into my lower left lats. It feels like my left lats are driving the club back which keeps the clubface outside my hands. I continue to do this until my arms get halfway up when I allow my right elbow to fall in. This is hard for me as I used to pull with my right elbow.

As I keep driving with my left lat my right elbow continues to fold in making it feel like the club is flat. I still need to do a little bit of work on my hand placement, but Patrick absolutely loves my backswing.

It has taken 117 lessons, but I finally have the backswing Patrick wants. Now, I need to focus on the drill with the bucket in front of me and starting the take away with the left side with the right side being soft. I cannot be overly obsessed with my hands and arms as Patrick will continue to work on that. We added looking straight ahead with this drill rather than allowing my head to fall. Any time my head falls down, it makes my upper body slouch and my posture declines.

I did not hit many balls well, but Patrick continued to reiterate that I should not change my backswing at all.

Fun times!

UPDATE: Well, this is where the backswing first started to improve. I still needed to get my upper right side out of the backswing as I liked to lift. Now, my upper right side is putty while I drive to the top of the backswing with my left side. The most important thing in January 2021 is to keep my spine angle all the way from setup, to the top of the backswing and down through impact.

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