Mikaila and I met Patrick at Knight’s Play as we are still shelter in place for North Carolina because of Coronavirus. Mikaila has a fanastic backswing and Patrick helped her stay connected at the top which allowed her to hit some great shots.

Now that I have changed my grip slightly to allow my elbows to fall inside, I can feel the lifting my arms do in the backswing. Patrick encouraged me to get into my left lat sooner on the backswing. By doing this it creates a steeper angle with my shoulders very early. I have never had my left shoulder that low on the backswing. It is a struggle right now as my head wants to fall forward, toward the target, when I drive with my lat under my shoulder. Patrick has started to repeat that we are driving the lat under the shoulder on the backswing.

At the end of the lesson Patrick added the only “pull” in the golf swing. After the take away, the lower right obliques and right side pull in towards the belly button. We want the right side to really feel like it is inside the right leg as we finish the backswing. This feels really weird and it is hard. It is something I am going to have to practice quite a bit. Patrick also started to talk about keeping my hands lower at the top of the backswing. How in the world do we do this? Ahhhh, the joys of golf.

UPDATE: It is now late January 2021 and I am 220 lessons in. I have learned so much since COVID started. While I still have some things to master, it is amazing to have a true grasp of how the pros hit a golf ball. Amateurs will never understand this. The left elbow is soft and down and the right elbow leads but the speed is created with the core. Good luck with that.

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