We are still at Knight’s Play because of Coronavirus. Today I told Patrick that some of my friends said I would “never” be a better golfer. That not only challenged me, but it challenged him. He took it a step further with this lesson knowing that my golf swing is a reflection of him. He is very pleased with the amount of shoulder turn I am getting but we added a new layer at the top of the backswing.

After I complete my take away and the club starts to come off the ground, I get quick which is caused by me lifting and using my right arm. This is something I don’t even realize that I do. Once I get through the take away and the club gets off the ground, Patrick wants me to go extremely slow, allowing my left lat to drive under with the right arm and right elbow remain passive. When I do this, it feels completely different. It feels like my left shoulder is actually getting higher than my right shoulder. I know this is not what is actually happening, but this is what it feels like since I used to lift the club with my right arm and right shoulder.

When I go very slow and allow the left lat to drive under while keeping the right arm passive, it almost feels like the club is stopping on the backswing. It is a very different feel so I have to be cognizant of slowing down even more when it comes to my transition. After twisting and turning me a few times, Patrick encouraged me to hit a few balls.

I can definitely feel the top of my backswing getting slower, but it feels so different to not think power is generated from my right arm at the top. Now I can completely understand why amateurs that hit it a long way want to flip at impact.

I have also decided that I am only going to hit balls with Patrick instead of trying to “figure this out” by driving to Randy’s or Triangle Golf. All going to those ranges does is make me over analyze and come up with random quick fixes that are never the answer. I will continue to do my stretches and training exercises at home but there is no point in hitting a bucket of balls if all I am going to do is try to jump ahead and figure out my mistake with some tweak. In all 123 lessons, I have not once solved any issues by myself. One would think I would eventually learn.

Now, I will do my stretches and wait until Thursday for Patrick to give me my next bit of information and golf swing knowledge.

UPDATE: Around this time I did get much better about not over analyzing and driving to Randy’s or other driving ranges. I really didn’t start hitting balls on my own again until very late in 2020. Patrick did encourage me to start playing at Knight’s Play to get used to being on the course but I am still getting comfortable doing that in early February 2021. Golf is very hard.

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