Wow, lesson #13 was filled with a ton of information. I learned my backswing is getting better but my right knee does not need to slide to the right. In essence, if I push with my left side and brace with my right knee, it will point slightly to the right but it won’t slide all the way back.  Remember, the power of my swing is going to be generated from my legs and the core.

I also learned that on the downswing you should try to get your right shoulder behind your right hip. This is what creates the power. The earlier lesson in which Patrick told me to squeeze my right obliques to start the downswing, well, this is further advancing that movement. On top of that, if you feel like you are slightly extending your right arm as you are coming down but leading with the right elbow, that is a power generator. What?!?

Yeah, that will be easy to figure out. Keep right knee firm, get the right shoulder behind the right hip and slowly extend the right arm on the downswing. Easy enough. There was no way I was going to figure all that out.

A few training methods to use would be to push your right knee towards the back of your left knee, allow your hips to rotate toward the target and slowly push back with your right hand allowing your right elbow to leads on the downswing. This is a very easy thing to do while at your house.

You can also use the same movement with your knees but allow the right elbow to lead all the way through impact and get your right lat in front of the ball. Yes, your right elbow will be leading your hands as this is lag in the golf swing. This is another great practice exercise you can do in your home. Remember, always go slow.

UPDATE: After 112 lessons as of March 21st, 2020, it seems clear I was just spit balling with an understanding back in October 2018. I have come a very long way as I now understand the power of the swing coming from the core and stabilization with the legs/lower body. I am not certain what I was trying to explain with the first training method.

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