We are still at Knight’s Play due to Coronavirus. Today was a weird day because a huge storm was blowing in right as my lesson started. We got a few turns in and then it started pouring. We had to take a 15 minute break to let the storm pass.

Patrick told me I was doing a great job of turning but I am turning my core too much. Who would have ever guessed that 12 months ago? Once I start the swing by driving my left core towards the ball of my right foot, I am to turn with my core but then it supports the turn of the upper thoracic. It is a shoulder turn, not a core turn. The core turn should be very small and the upper thoracic shoulder turn should be much bigger.

I have the tendency to get quick and not do the first part with the driving into the ball of my right foot so Patrick hit on that quickly. After my upper thoracic turns I drive under with the back side of my left lat to finish the swing.

I also need to make sure my right elbow stays low and the club face goes out and around towards second base. I tend to get the club across the target line because my right elbow and right shoulder lift. If I can feel like I am “holding the platter” with my right forearm being below my left forearm at the top, I hit the ball very well.

We touched on the downswing a little today, but not nearly as much as we focused on allowing the core to start the turn but not using the core when the upper thoracic takes over. This is what makes you feel “skinny” when turning. In essence, I need to reduce the core turn and increase the shoulder turn. If I can really feel the backside of my left lat drive under at the top I get back to the ball extremely well.

There was one swing when I felt my upper thoracic not taking over and I was able to save it and complete my backswing. This was a really cool feel.

UPDATE: At this stage in my swing I was not aware of the importance of the lower right side sucking in on the backswing and the lower left side sucking in on the downswing and follow through. Patrick really wanted m t understand turn and get some flexibility before I kept my posture with the lower core stabilizing and “sucking in”. Look at Dustin Johnson after impact, he is definitely sucking in with his core to keep his upper body on plane and low. This is something no amateur can do.

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