As expected, my backswing shortened when I started to think about all the downswing thoughts I was given. Patrick made the statement, “get me to the top of your backswing and I will give you whatever score you want.” Done. After hearing that, I was going to spend countless hours making certain I complete my backswing. I was still not anywhere close to parallel but I was definitely getting a deeper shoulder turn. Patrick has always explained that parallel doesn’t matter, what matters is your shoulder turn. Look at Jon Rahm.

Patrick also explained that you can train your muscles all you want for the downswing but the only thought in your head when you stand over the ball is to complete the backswing. Ok, let’s do this.

At the range, after working on getting my backswing deeper, I finally hit one of those balls that sounds different. It came off the clubface around eye level and starting rocketing higher like an airplane. It was, by far and away, the best golf shot I have ever hit in my life.

If I could get deep into my backswing just using my left lat and left side, I could hit the ball very well. I still had some tendencies to use my arms about halfway through my backswing, but we would work out those kinks soon enough. I was very happy with the progress I had made after Patrick explained that I should only think about the backswing while standing over the ball.

UPDATE: It is so interesting to read what it was like in these early lessons as I am now on Lesson #113 in March 2020. While I thought my backswing was deep, I had no idea. I also had no ida what it was to get to the top of the backswing without using my arms. I am still working on that to this day.  In March 2020, I can definitely get half way to the top of the backswing without using arms, but as I get to the top, I want to use my right arm to finish it off.

Over the next 100 lessons you will learn much more about how big of a problem my right arm is. I had a right arm dominate swing which made me come over the top and hit slices or very weak fades. I can now hit a draw but there is always the tendency to allow my right arm to take over. Keep reading and you will learn how to achieve a full shoulder turn.

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