The breakthrough this lesson was with the Patrick Kelley chipping motion. I finally let go of the idea of thinking and being technical and allowed my core to create a rhythm with the motion. When I did that, the shaft remained forward, my right elbow stayed on my right ribs and I hit some of the best chips I’ve ever hit. Patrick said, “so, how did your practice go this weekend?”

Over the last few days, I have been trying to get the feel of my body moving the club rather than my arms. This finally all came together as I hit some of my best chips with the practice chipping motion. This also led to me hitting the ball much better. This practice chipping motion helps me feel the right elbow lead through impact with my core creating the speed.

With the full swing, Patrick really worked on my right side pulling towards the target on the backswing. This is a bit weird for me because it feels like my backswing is getting shorter. Patrick explained it only feels that way, but it is actually causing a bigger shoulder turn.

We also did a little bit of work on the finish of the swing. Once my right lat drive down and under though impact, my left elbow is going to fold causing the shaft of the club to feel horizontal to the ground. I need to do some stretching for this feel to be more comfortable as there is a slight pull in my left tricep and left forearm when I do this now. Right after my left elbow folds, the club gets to horizontal, I am to continue to drive through and under with my right lat. I am not to lift with the arms or pull with my left side. It feels like my right lat is actually pushing straight at the target or even a little bit right of it.

I hit some very good shots today and continue to trust Patrick that we are getting closer and closer to being a very good ball striker. It sure is not an easy game.

UPDATE: It is now March 2021, I am over 240 lessons in and we are still working on many of the same things. My biggest fault is my right side. Every time I make progress I go back to the right side wanting to lift or create power on the backswing. The right side should be passive and do basically nothing on the backswing. This is extremely difficult for me. Eventually I will get it, but that is the reason I am terrible with my long irons and the driver right now. Isn’t golf the best?

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