After going to Park City it was time to get back to the grind. Patrick twisted me up and worked on my backswing. I got a little bit cocky with my chipping motion with my right elbow staying on my rips and started to pinch and sway my hips. This caused hosel shots and even a few shanks. Instead of turning my core and shoulders I was trying to generate power with my arms and by swaying.

It was a little frustrating because I was starting to get close to the hosel with my full swings as well. Part of it was that I was tired but part of it was I was losing my drive underneath with my right side on the downswing. One would think with 145 lessons I would be able to not do that, but I guess we are still in the learning process.

I did hit some really good shots in the middle of the lesson but when I got tired, I definitely shortened my backswing, gave up at impact and started using my arms. Travis Marshall finally broke down and contacted Patrick so it will be interesting to see how that journey goes for him. He has so much to learn.

UPDATE: Travis ended up not having the commitment level to go to Patrick to improve his golf game. He ended up never contacting Patrick again; which is probably for the best. It is now March 2021, I am almost at 250 lessons in and we are just now working on the upper right side getting to the place where it needs to be. My swing prior to Patrick must have been a complete mess.