Over the weekend I was struggling to get my shoulder turn after the take away. I picked up my Putting Perfecter and realized it was “perfect” for the take away and getting the feel of the left side driving under to create depth in the backswing. I have had it sitting on my desk for months and never used it for this.

After using the Putting Perfecter, I could feel the back side of my lower left lat driving under which allowed me to feel the up and around at the top of the backswing. I also have successfully trained my right elbow to tuck after the take away. The Putting Perfecter also helps with this. It feels as if the shaft of the club is basically flat or parallel to the ground after my take away. I then drive up and under with my left lat, all the way to the top. Patrick added a little leverage by making my shoulder angle more steep at the top but only if I have a great take away and depth throughout the backswing.

I hit some of the best shots I’ve ever hit in my life at my lesson today. It was effortless as well. I am still getting used to the club feeling like it is coming under and towards second base but when I can get my rhythm I hit the ball extremely well. I am also getting better with the chipping motion by coming under with my right side much more now.

I need to work on the feel of the shoulder angle being down and my head staying down through impact, but that is what the chipping motion is for. I used to stand up or pull my head up which in turn pull my shoulder across at impact making me fade or slice the ball. It is a work in progress but we are definitely seeing progress. Today was a very fun lesson.

UPDATE: This was a time in my swing transformation where Patrick allowed me to get steep with my shoulders after the take away. It was fine at that time because I needed it but now my left lat flattens out my shoulders as it stays wide and broad as we get to the top of the backswing. This gives me much more space under and inside for me to turn and go after the ball with my core.

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