Today we made more progress on a full shoulder turn. If I can feel as if the Putting Perfecter is keeping my arms soft and close to my core, I can then use my left side to drive through the backswing. Today, Patrick wanted me to go even deeper in the backswing when hitting balls. When I get deeper it feels like my left heel is coming off the ground but it is simply really light. This will be something that is a trigger for me for the time being. As we move forward, I am certain I will get more flexible and be able to feel as if the left heel is simply stable.

I hit the best shot of my life as my last swing today. I told Patrick that was enough and walked off. It is amazing how much time I now have if I get to the top of the backswing when my left heel feels like it is coming off the ground. My arms become much lighter and my right side drives through the ball.

Patrick is still working to make sure my left hip doesn’t turn too much. Once I get the first part of the downswing down, he stops my lower left side from moving by bracing his leg on my left leg. He then drives my right lat down and my body through the ball. I am still working on the club at exit but that is going to come much later.

It was definitely a fun lesson to feel the depth of my shoulders which makes my arms much more weightless as I get back to the ball. Now let’s get through the weekend without changing anything.

UPDATE: I am approaching 250 lessons with Patrick and many of the “feels” I had over the course of this venture have changed quite a bit. I know this is due to flexibility and simply understanding what matters in the golf swing. I no longer feel my left heel even coming close to coming off the ground. The only feel now is my stomach feeling sucked in or skinny and my upper thoracic turning to the top. The rest is just icing on the cake to hitting the ball crisp.

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