It is crazy to think that I have had 150 lessons with Patrick. There were definitely times when I was completely lost, but now I am found. Today, Patrick and I discussed my miss left and he explained that I was releasing (expanding) a bit too early and I was getting a bit jumpy with being turned full.

Patrick tweaked my setup a little bit today as my shoulders naturally start to point left of the target. He held his arm across my chest to keep my right elbow low which in turn will point my shoulders right of the target. He also held my right elbow in place as I started my turn which helped me feel the turn around my body rather than straight back.

After some deep turns I hit the ball extremely well. There are a few things Patrick is doing with my hands and arms that adjust the shaft on the way back but I am not even thinking about that stuff as my turn is much more important.

Something else Patrick added was for me to suck in my stomach at setup. When I do this, I naturally suck in with my right side on the backswing. After “sucking in” with my stomach at setup and pointing my shoulders right of the target, I hit the ball with a slight draw and with fabulous trajectory.

No matter what the outcome of my shot, my goal is to really feel my left lat coming underneath at the top of my backswing. When I can get that lat underneath I know I am getting closer and closer to a full turn. There are times I do this and don’t hit the ball very well, but I know that is simply a timing issue.

Ahhh, the joys of learning the golf swing.

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