We are still working diligently to get my right side to suck in and remain quiet while my left side drives under and around on the backswing. Today, I asked Patrick how to get my right hip to stop moving and swaying on the backswing. He added a new layer by bracing my right hip and keeping me bent over while forcing my right side to suck in and it feels like my entire right side is going straight back while my right hip is maintaining resistance.

I still have the habit of trying to lift or pull with my right side which is going to take awhile to fix. If I can silence my right side and just turn with my left side, it feels weak but my ball striking is so much better. I know my right side is getting too loud when I hit the ball a little fat or the toe of the club get stuck in the ground around or at impact.

The goal for now is too get the right side to pull in, which feels like it is pulling my right arm and elbow back while my right hip stablizes. I then silence everything below my upper thoracic and simply turn. My turn feels small but now I can actually feel the club going up and around. If I get a really good turn with my left lat, I can feel the club getting close to parallel. I know it is nowhere near parallel but if feels like it is going towards second base and over my head.

I also really need to focus on keeping my posture. When I do this, there is more room for my right side to pull back and right hip to maintain. This allows me get the left side to drive the club to the top of the backswing.

Ahh, the joys of learning the professional golf swing.

UPDATE: It is now April 2021, I am over 250 lessons in and I am now starting to see the signs of being a decent golfer. I have stop trying to analyze and simply do the practice exercises and stretches Patrick assigns me. I am hitting my 7 iron around 175 yards and straight as an arrow. If I miss it a little bit it falls left or falls right; there is not much side spin at all. Ahh, almost time to hit the links.

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