Over the weekend I decided I was only going to stretch and work on flexibility and core strength when not with Patrick. There is no point in hitting balls if I am going to tinker and try things. When I got to this lesson I had a clear head as I didn’t try to “figure” anything out with the backswing or the downswing over the last several days.

Patrick twisted me up a bit and addressed my right hip. I have the tendency to turn around my right hip while keeping it flat or in line with my left hip. Patrick wants more of an angle with my right hip higher than my left hip and my hips rotated forward. It feels like my right hip is higher and at a 30 degree angle to the target line when I get to the top of my backswing.

If my right hip feels higher, it also feels like my right side is longer and more of a straight line at the top of my backswing.

I am also doing a much better job of coming under and around after the take away which gives me a feel like the club is traveling back at a 45 degree angle but my body is doing the work; not my hands or arms.

I hit some fantastic shots at my lesson today. In fact, some of the best shots I’ve ever hit in my life. Now, I just need to continue to work on flexibility and core strength while allowing Patrick to tinker with small things like my right hip and the angle of my hips at the top of the swing.

Good luck trying to figure all that out yourself.

UPDATE: Over the last several months it has been a struggle for me to accept that my tinkering and analyzing does not help at all. In fact, it causes more problems. Since putting all my trust in Patrick and allowing him to tinker with my swing, I have become much better. Today, in early April 2021, I hit a 7 iron 178 yards on the Mevo launch monitor app. I used to hit a 5 wood this distance. Things are a little different now a days.

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