Every time I think I have things figured out, Patrick adds a new layer. Today, Patrick allowed me to turn with my core while holding my left elbow and twisting it “down” as I turned. In essence, he was using my left arm and elbow to twist to shut the club face on the way to the top. If I used my core to turn and he twisted my left arm I could feel the club staying on plan. At the top, he is still getting the club to flatten with my hands but that is something we will address at a later time.

What is most important is the fact that I can turn with my core and lats while allowing him to hold my left elbow and turn it down. This is something no amateur feels. It is basically turning your body into a twisty top. The core twists around the lower body and the left arm twists with the elbow pointing down.

I am also happy to be able to keep my hips somewhat stable by trying to keep them wide. By doing lots of back bridge stretching exercises, I am opening my hips. If I can do this during the set up, I am less likely to allow my right hip to collapse on the backswing.

I hit some of the best shots that I’ve ever hit today. So good that I didn’t even hit the final five balls around 3:00. Now, back to working on my bridge progression and stretching out my hips, core, shoulders and triceps. The more I do this, the better I can be at golf.

UPDATE: Amateurs truly do not feel all the “twisting” that must be done in the golf swing. I don’t know anyone that turns their left elbow inside and down as their upper thoracic turns on the backswing. It is crazy to understand how the pros do it yet no one can really see that on TV. All they see is their arms and how far they hit the ball. It is now mid April 2021 and I am hitting my 7 iron 177 yards. I am still working on improving the long irons and driver.

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