We are still working on the left elbow turning in slowly as my core and upper thoracic turn. Basically, you torque your body and you torque your arms at the same time. I still allow my right side, especially my right elbow, to lift up on the backswing but it is getting better. When all is said and done, my left side will drive throughout the entire backswing and the right elbow and right side will not lift.

Part of the reason I do not always get a full turn is my right side lifts or pulls up rather than serves as a brace or stabilizer. I know it will take time to get my right side to not lift, but we are making progress.

I am hitting my shorter irons very well but my long irons are still a disaster. I don’t have the skills nor the knowledge to address why this is the case so I am going to allow Patrick to slowly get me to the point where I can hit long irons solid.

Another bad habit I have is to expand my right side and to the left of the target rather than driving under and keeping my right shoulder lower than my left shoulder throughout the follow through. I will know immediately when my right shoulder gets high and far left that I am expanding way too early. When I can keep the right shoulder and right side from expanding early, I hit some really good shots.

Once again, it is going to take a lot of time as by around lesson 180 Patrick should have me in a good place. We shall see.

UPDATE: It is now mid April 2021 and everything is coming together. My right side is slowly becoming a very passive part of my swing and I am hitting my 7 iron and 8 iron great these days. I hit my 7 iron 182 yards with the Mevo recently. I hit my 8 iron 171 yards. I would have never guessed that possible three years ago. There is still plenty to work on with keeping my right side quiet, but we are getting there.

You can find all my lessons here.