Today was my first day of Patrick Kelley University (PKU) in which I will be going to lessons every single day of the week. Patrick is ready to take it to the next level so I figured why not. Patrick started with a very big turn today in which he braced himself on my to make certain I turn more. I have to work diligently to keep the space in between my legs while also maintaining posture.

Patrick also wants me to drive much more with my left side going back. While I drive with it a little bit, I need to use more force and drive with my left lat much more. When I do this, I am able to keep my arms further away from my body which is what Patrick wants with the final product.

We are still in the phase of Patrick pulling my arms and hands away from my body and closer to the target line as I approach the top of the backswing. I am not sure how I should do that without his help, but I am certain he will address that sometime later in the semester.

I have also started sprint training to lose some weight and get in better shape so my calves and arches were burning today. After a week or so of getting back into shape, it should really help with my overall golf swing.

Patrick was pleased to see me suck in my right side as he was twisting me to the top of my backswing. Now, knees bent, space between the legs and getting the upper thoracic completely turned. Easy enough.

UPDATE: We are now in late April 2021 and over 250 lessons in and I am just now understanding the importance of “sucking in” throughout the entire swing. I understand sucking in on the lower right side for awhile but then I would expand and start the downswing. If I can suck in and stay skinny throughout the entire swing I can hit my 7 iron about 180 yards straight as an arrow. Ahh, goals.

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