This was my last lesson before my whitewater rafting trip to the Gauley with the Hasentree boys and my annual Park City October trip. Patrick is also taking a vacation for the first time in over a year to the beach.

Today, I really started to feel my right side sucking in and being very skinny. It basically feels like the tendon along the right side of the body is being stretched as we turn into the backswing. As I was turning, Patrick was using his right hand to squeeze that tendon in my right side to make it softer. He expressed that it was so much better.

When that tendon feels like it is long and skinny, I stay much “lower” with my upper body in the backswing. This also allows me to keep my spine angle and stay lower as I transition into the downswing. It is a little different now as I cannot see the ball coming off as easily as my head is always higher and looking towards the target. Now, it is lower and staying down as I drive my right side through the ball.

We are now going to have 10 straight days of me not hitting golf balls or swinging. I am sure I will try to turn and work on my bridge progression, but I will not have a club in my hands for 10 days. It will be fascinating to see how that goes. It might be good for me, but we shall see.

UPDATE: It is late April 2021, I am over 265 lessons in and I am still not playing full golf. Truth be told, I am burnt out and have lost some enthusiasm for learning the golf swing. I feel like it isn’t even worth it at times. Every time I take a step forward I end up shanking the ball or hitting it super fat. We are now at a time in which I am going to go to my lessons, do my drills and just not care otherwise. Hitting a white ball somewhat straight and far is just not a major concern for me these days. It’s hard to believe I am saying that, but it is true.

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