Today was a backswing day and Patrick mentioned working on the downswing but decided not to. Instead, we really focused on keeping the spine angle with the left hip not giving up the tension. We also worked on the right elbow really folding in as the backswing deepens. Patrick said there was no way my right elbow could be too far inside; especially with my lack of tricep flexibility.

I hit some really good three to five yard draws when I really worked on my upper thoracic turning after the take away. I was hitting it so good I decided I wanted to play nine holes at Knights Play. Unfortunately, it was extremely busy and I only got four holes in. I did have one birdie but my miss is about a 10 yard pull. I assume this is because I quit right before impact and look up which causes my right shoulder to be above the left shoulder causing the pull.

I am certain that in the next few downswing days, Patrick is going to work on my left shoulder being higher than my right shoulder through and past impact. This is something that is hard for me on the course or while hitting at a target because I want to look up and my old habits were to allow the right shoulder to come over the top and my right eye was much higher than my left eye when looking at the trajectory of the shot.

The ideal finish is the right shoulder is way below the left shoulder at impact and well past impact. Only well after impact does the right eye start to come up and even out the head. Once again, this is going to take time, but I have five lessons a week to figure it out. There was a little frustration while playing actual golf holes as I know I can hit the ball well, I just have to bring it to the course. Maybe next time!

UPDATE: It is now mid May 2021, I am newly single as Mikaila and I have gone our separate ways and I can see the ball coming out with my right eye lower than my left. My right shoulder is also lower than my left which has been created by many, many practice chipping exercises. My swing has come a long way but there is still plenty to improve.

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